Scroll Anytime, Anywhere With This New Wireless Mouse

This New Wireless Mouse From EasySMX
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* The EasySMX Finger Ring Mouse is wireless and easy to use
* Scroll from up to 10M away
* Use it in the car, office, or laying in bed

The Finger Ring Mouse from EasySMX is the next step up from a wireless mouse: it’s a small, rubberized ring that slips on easily and allows you to scroll with your thumb. At just 3.7″ in diameter, it rests on your finger like a cocktail ring, allowing for maximum comfort and mobility, and no desk necessary for gliding. It has four programmable keys that you can customize, so you can shift the functions to suit your needs, allowing you to use it in a meeting, in your car, or even in your bed.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and the DPI can be adjusted, so you can lower the sensitivity, which is optimal for detailed contents or rapid scanning. It’s compatible for a distance of up to ten meters, and outfitted with 2.4G two-way wireless technology, so it can automatically be paired with a receiver.

Fully charged within two hours, you no longer have to be limited by the length of your mouse cable – the Finger Ring Mouse if adjustable to suit your needs.

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