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Don’t Be Left In The Cold: Here’s How I Stayed Warm Using A Bluetti Portable Power Station When the Heat Went Out

Winters in the north east are no joke. The plummeting temperatures of late don’t make mornings any easier, but they’re especially more of a chore when the heating system goes down. That’s exactly where I found myself one morning this December. But luckily, that’s when Bluetti’s portable power station came to save the day. As the Tech Editor at with a decade of experience in the smart home space, I have a gadget for every possible situation — including emergency situations.

I can’t tell you how portable power stations can come in handy during a pinch like this. They offer so much utility and can power just about anything, which means that you can still have access to modern conveniences even when the rest of your block is without power. Instead of bundling up in layers, I managed to stay warm with the help of the Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station.

The SPY team has tested all of the most popular portable power stations in 2022, and we’ve consistently rated Bluetti’s power products among the best of the best. The company’s AC200P model is an extra-powerful 2,000Wh power station (and, if you have solar panels, a solar generator) that can power all of your gadgets and appliances with ease. In addition to power outages, it can also be used for camping and RV travel.

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Most portable power stations have watt-hour ratings of around 300-500, but the Bluetti AC200P ups the ante with 2,000Wh capacity. That’s more than enough to power multiple appliances for hours at a time.

Support For Power Hungry Appliances

With its 2,000Wh capacity, it was more than plenty enough to power a portable space heater that I connected to it for well over an hour while it was drawing 7A of current, or about 840 watts of power. Unlike other devices you might connect to a portable power station, space heaters draw considerably more power — which is why few power stations are able to sustain them for long periods of time.

In comparison, your average laptop pulls about 60W when it’s being charged, so it’s not as demanding. Despite this, the space heater managed to drop the battery level by 32% from its starting capacity after 30 minutes of continuously using the space heater. Eventually, the Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station tapped out after 1.5 hours. That’s not too shabby for delivering power to a space heater.

All The Ports And Outlets You’ll Need

Another feature I loved about the AC200P is that it has all the ports and outlets you need to charge pretty much any device you might own. Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll find:

  • 6 AC-outlets
  • 12V/25A DC port
  • 4 USB-A ports
  • 1 USB-C port
  • 2 DC 5521 outlets
  • 2 15W wireless charging pads

Notably, the single USB-C port offers 60W charging, which is plenty enough to deliver fast charging to not only many flagship smartphones, but also laptops like the MacBook. When I was pressed for time, I loved how the 60W charging was able to recharge my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to a reasonable with only 10 minutes of charging.

Other Instances When Bluetti Portable Power Station Was Useful

I’ve actually kept it in my garage most of the time because there are no power outlets. Working out in the dark is not fun, and it’s actually risky when you’re lifting heavy weights around. During those late night workout sessions in the garage, I was able to connect string lights for some much-needed ambient lighting while I exercised.

Even though I haven’t been through an extended power outage, I still can’t tell you how incredibly useful it is to have a portable power station such as this. I’ve even used it to microwave leftovers, which was a surprise when I first tried it out because I didn’t think it would do it. But it did!

In another unique situation, I’ve also used it to power an air purifier for hours after mold remediation in at my home. In the detached garage where there’s no power, the Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station kept the air purifier going for hours after the treatment was complete.

And lastly, I really love the two wireless charging pads on its top side — it’s still a feature you don’t find in portable power stations. With its 15W charging, they’ll provide fast charging to many of today’s flagship smartphones.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a portable power station. While this particular model costs a premium, the ability to charge it with a solar panel means you could effectively have a limitless source of power at your disposal. However, there are many other models that Bluetti offers to cover a wide range of uses and prices.

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Need something more compact? The Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station has the perfect size that’s super convenient to carry around, whether it’s just around the corner or a weekend hike.

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Call it the mid-range offering, Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station offers that ‘just right’ amount of versatility without being too heavy at 16.5 pounds.

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For the ultimate backup, the Bluetti AC200MAX Solar Generator comes with three solar panels to recharge this portable power station in about five hours.