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Prepare For Your Spring Gardening With These Excellent Greenworks Tools With Up To 43% Off

Amazon has a big old Greenworks sale on at the moment with a wealth of different gardening tools with up to 43% off. No matter what you’ve been waiting for, there’s likely something there that will catch your eye, and with it being so close to Spring, now is the perfect time to start prepping for the tall task of sorting out that garden.

We like Greenworks a fair bit, with them often appearing in lists like our best electric lawnmowers article. They’re also one of the companies that does a wide range of different tools, which means you can grab something for any task that might need doing in your outdoor area.

Sorting things out after Winter always requires a little bit more elbow grease, but with some of the best gardening tools at your disposal, you’ll have a much easier time of things. Of course, if you’d rather make things even easier on yourself, you could always upgrade the grass itself with the Tahoma 31 grass that appeared at this year’s Super Bowl.

$57.00 $99.99 43% off

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This sting strimmer comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger, has an adjustable shaft to make it far easier to use no matter what you’re trimming and how tall you are, and has variable speeds. It’s a great trimmer for a lot of different situations.

$176.80 $279.99 37% off

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This cordless lawn mower has a strong 19″ steel deck to make sure it can cover a large area of grass in one swoop, has seven different height positions, and can even mulch grass as you go.

$102.58 $149.99 32% off

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A blower is a must if you’re someone who lives with a lot of trees around you. This one comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, and can go up to 110 MPH to make sure it can remove even the most obnoxious debris.

$86.90 $118.00 26% off

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If your lawn is one that needs a little bit more than just mowing, then this dethatcher can help. It has a 14″ path to make sure it’s easy to use and can hit a lot of matted grass at once, and should last a long time.

$82.11 $109.99 25% off

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In case you’re looking to do some slightly more hardcore garden work, this angle grinder is here for you. It has an adjustable handle for comfort and ease-of-use, comes with two different wheels for different purposes, and is built to avoid getting dust or dirt inside it for better longevity.