This Headphone Headband Helps You Sleep Better on Airplanes

Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Lets you sleep with music on
* Blocks ambient noise, especially during travel
* Soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic fabric

Do audiophiles dream of acoustic sheep? Noise-sensitive travelers certainly might, as this clever “Acoustic Sheep” headphone headband is designed to help you get some sleep on planes and anywhere else it’s noisy. It fits softly and snugly around your head, and unlike ear buds, lets you listen to your favorite going-to-sleep playlist while resting your head comfortably. Works while resting in any position.

acoustic sheep travel headphones Courtesy Amazon

The “sleep phones” were designed by a doctor to help travelers and shift workers get better quality sleep without the need for sedatives or hypnotics. If you’re one of those people who has trouble sleeping on planes, this may just be your boarding pass to the mile high snooze club.

It’s perhaps less wild than that other mile-high club, but probably leaves you feeling more refreshed. It’s not just for plane rides, either: city residents can keep these handy for when the inevitable pipe replacement, street jack-hammering and gentrified condo construction begins at 6am across the street. The Sleep Phones’ ultra-thin flat headphone cord and soft hypoallergenic fleece band lets you feel like you’re listening to music straight from a pillow, while blocking out the noise of snoring fellow passengers or urban renewal.

It features a standard 3.5 mm aux cord, so you can use it with just about any device. What’s your favorite music to try and fall asleep to? We recommend electronic music pioneer Mort Garson’s 1971 album “Plantasia,” designed for the enjoyment of both humans and plants. The band Sleep also works, if you’re more of a heavy metal fan.

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