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Game Changer: Alexa Can Now Give Advanced Notifications of Upcoming Deals on Your Favorite Products

It’s hard work sniffing out some of the best deals around, which is probably the reason why our readers visit us so often. Shoppers already know the gold mine of deals that come from Amazon, a popular go-to destination for many of them. However, it can sometimes take a long time before a favorite item they’ve been eying is discounted. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Starting today, Alexa can provide advanced notice about a deal happening for an eligible item in your shopping cart, saved for later list or wish list. This beats having to constantly check to see if there’s any discount on the product you want, which saves you time to do other important things.


How To Use Alexa for Upcoming Deal Alerts

It’s pretty simple to have Alexa remind you about upcoming deals on some of your favorite products. Before you start asking Alexa about those reminders, you’ll need to navigate over to the Alexa Notification Settings and toggle on the option for Deal Recommendations. Once activated, you can shop Amazon like you normally would and add the stuff you want to buy to your shopping cart.

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From here, you can now use Alexa to notify you up to 24 hours in advance of an upcoming deal on the stuff in your shopping cart, saved for later list or on your wish list. Amazon has countless deals that go on daily, so if there’s an upcoming one happening on something you’re watching, you will see a yellow ring light on your Amazon Echo smart speaker to indicate a notification is waiting for you.

The only thing you’ll need to do from there is to simply ask, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” She’ll respond with the appropriate answers about your upcoming deals, where you’ll even have the option of asking Alexa to go ahead and place the order on your behalf by saying, “Alexa, buy it for me.” Alternatively, you’ll see a pop-up notification on your Echo Show smart display (the message icon on the home screen), that will indicate you have a notification waiting for you.

Shoppers that crave deals will want to utilize this new feature because now they don’t have to constantly check prices themselves on a daily or hourly basis. It’s a game-changer that certainly will save shoppers plenty of time and money.


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