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Actual Humans Can Now Respond to Emergencies With Amazon Astro Home Robot

Last year when Amazon introduced its home robot to the world, it really showcased the advantages of having a patrol bot inside of the home. Most notably, users could schedule patrolling routes when no one’s home to keep eyes on any potential threats, but it could be triggered by general motion.

Taking it one step further, Amazon’s Astro will now benefit from having an actual pair of eyes with Ring’s Virtual Security Guard service. Essentially, a representative from Rapid Response would be able to access Astro’s live camera feed whenever alarms are triggered — to determine whether further steps are needed to get help or deter intruders.


Human Eyes Paired With a Patrolling Robot

Given the high cost of paying for personal security, this new feature could take home security monitoring to the next level. While robots like Astro can manage on their own when it comes to navigating around the home and detecting motion, sometimes even the best machine learning software and on-board artificial intelligence can’t make a rational decision.

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Courtesy of Ring

That’s where Virtual Security Guard comes to the rescue by giving Astro that extra pair of eyes to discern real threats from false alerts. It all works in conjunction with the Ring Protect Pro subscription, which is included as a free six month trial with the purchase of the Amazon Astro. However, this new feature would now bring in an actual monitoring agent from Rapid Response to tap Astro’s camera.

For emergency situations like an intruder gaining access to your home, or even a fire breaking out, Virtual Security Guard would be able to immediately identify these situations and take appropriate action. And you never know, it could potentially save lives.


New Panic Button Lets You Choose Response

In addition to Astro’s new Virtual Security Guard feature, Ring is also releasing an updated panic button. Not only can it be mounted on walls or placed on flat surfaces, but Ring Alarm users will now be able to choose what response they need whenever the Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen) is pressed. They’ll have the option for Panic, Media, or Fire assistance through the Ring app.

This could come in handy in certain situations when you need help immediately, or simply too far from the main keypad or your phone to obtain help. Given that it costs $29.99, it’s one of those low-tech gizmos that can prove to be life saving. Pre-orders are available right now.

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Courtesy of Ring