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Amazon Brings Back Black Friday Deals on Its Blink Security Cameras

Smart home gadgets are all the rage for good reason — they make our lives more convenient, seamless and just plain easier. There seems to be a smart equivalent of most things these days — from vacuum cleaners to lightbulbs to thermostats and especially security cameras. Amazon’s Blink home security cameras range has proven to be some of the best, and they’re on sale starting at 25% off. 

Courtesy of Amazon.

The best part about this deal? The more cameras you buy — the better the savings get. One camera is 28% off, two cameras 37% off, three cameras 41% off, and plenty of configurations to choose from. You can deck out the whole exterior of your home with these reliable wireless guards for less than $250.

The Blink Outdoor security cameras are wireless, weather-resistant, battery-operated and stream HD video with infrared night vision so you can monitor your home even on the darkest nights.

The battery life is long — up to two years on two AA lithium batteries, included with your purchase. The cameras are tough enough to withstand the elements, so rain or shine, they’ll be watching over your property.

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There’s also the Blink Mini, which is the company’s proper indoor security camera offering. It’s already affordable on its own and can do an excellent job watching out for all of the ongoings inside of your home.

You can program the app to get motion detection alerts to your phone and see, hear and speak to visitors in real-time with two-way audio through the Blink app.

Another great feature? Thanks to the thoughtful design, the cameras take only a few minutes to set up yourself. There’s no need to hire professional installers or complicated wiring involved.

Again, the deals on these cameras are better than what we saw last Black Friday, so if you’re in the market for a bit of security/home improvement project — it’s time to jump on it!

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