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Go Hands-Free and Add Alexa to Your Car for Just $20 With This Echo Auto Deal

Alexa is a useful companion in our day-to-day lives. After all, she keeps track of your calendar and shopping list and even opens your doors for you (if you have a smart home, anyway). But what about adding Alexa to your car?

Right now, Echo Auto is only $20. It’s Amazon’s answer to Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto. It gives you access to Alexa anytime you’re on the road, and you can use the smart assistant like you’ve come to expect. Ask questions about anything, do a bit of shopping, or even have her play your favorite travel playlist as you commute.

For a short time, Echo Auto is $30 off its regular price. That’s a 60% discount, so don’t expect this to stay in stock forever.

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What Makes Echo Auto a Great Deal

  • Originally $50, now only $20
  • 60% off its regular price
  • Instant savings of $30
  • Free shipping for Prime members
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What We Love About the Echo Auto

If you’ve ever had Alexa mishear you in the home, you might worry about how well the Echo Auto will perform on the road. There’s no need to; with eight different microphones and far-field tech, Alexa will be able to hear you over a bumpy roadway, angry drivers honking horns, and even your music.

The functionality isn’t limited solely to just adding things to your shopping list, either. You can ask Alexa to play content from your Audible account, stream music through a variety of different providers (including Amazon Music and Apple Music), or even just check the news on your way. Alexa’s calling service works through Echo Auto, too, letting you keep your hands on the wheel as you drive.

Auto Mode lets you turn your phone into a safer display while you drive, too. It will show you what’s playing and give you quick and easy shortcuts to help you navigate your device while on the road.

Just imagine pulling into your driveway and asking Alexa to open your garage door or have her unlock the front door in a rain storm so you don’t have to get wetter than necessary. Echo Auto uses your phone’s data, so you don’t have to be on Wi-Fi to make the most of it. You can control your smart home from afar, just as if you were using the Alexa app.

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