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Upgrade to Stereo Sound With This 34% Off Amazon Echo Music Starter Kit Bundle Deal

If you love music, then you know how stereo audio can enhance the performance of a smart speaker. Or perhaps you’re thinking about upgrading your home theater audio setup? Well then, you should know that Amazon is having a deal right now on its Amazon Echo music starter kit that bundles in an Amazon Echo smart speaker with two Echo Dot speakers at 34% off its normal price.


Why These Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Are Great Deals

  • Originally $199.97, but now $130.97
  • Instant savings of $69.00
  • Gain stereo audio support
  • Handy for using Alexa’s Drop-In Feature
  • Great way to upgrade your home theater audio setup
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

What We Love About These Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Like we said, you can do a number of things when you have multiple Echo speakers in your home. The biggest feature you can tap into is gaining support for stereo audio. Through the Alexa app for mobile, you can set up a stereo connection between two Echo speakers — with the option of choosing which are the left and right speakers. With this setup, you’ll be able to experience music in a more dynamic way thanks to stereo output.

Another thing we love using is Alexa’s Drop-In feature, which essentially allows users to instantly connect to an Echo device from anywhere. With these smart speakers, it’s a great way to ask someone who’s at home a question when they’re not picking up their phone. Furthermore, you can also leverage Alexa’s Intercom feature to make an announcement that will be played on all Echo devices in your room. It’s a handy thing to use when you don’t want dinner to get cold and need everyone to come down to eat.

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And lastly, this bundle deal will help start you on the path to upgrading your sound to home theater–caliber performance. If you already own a smart TV that runs Fire TV, like the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series, or if you have an Amazon Fire Stick of some kind, you can set up the Echo Dot speakers for stereo support. Finally, you can up the experience by adding in the Amazon Echo Sub to really feel the sound coming at you during those action sequences.

All of these reasons make a convincing argument for this deal, including the life-saving features you can tap into with services such as Alexa Guard and Alexa Together.

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