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Amazon Has An Echo Show Sale With Up To 53% Off These Amazing Smart Displays

The Echo Show range is one of the best lines of smart displays out there, and the fact that they can act as a hub for some of the best smart speakers and best smart lights is a lovely bonus. We’ve got great news if anyone’s been waiting to buy one, because Amazon has a great sale on right now with some in the range being 53% off.

In fact, we’re all in the lucky position of having options when it comes to these smart displays, so we’ve decided to go ahead and choose our favorite four options from the sale range and put them right here for you.

Whether you’re looking for the latest in cutting-edge smart display tech, or you’re happy to go with something a little bit older and more reliable, there should be something here for everyone.

$224.98 $279.98 20% off

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We’re kicking off with the most powerful model in the sale, the Echo Show 15. This smart display has both Alexa and Fire TV built-in, making it a great purchase as a second screen in your kitchen or home office. Being able to watch things is nice, but you can also use it to control your smart home, and keep up to date with your calendar too. It can even serve as a digital photo frame.

$44.99 $94.99 53% off

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The Echo Show 5 Kids has the largest discount in this sale, and it’s an excellent little assistant if you’ve got kids old enough to use it. Not only can it be used to watch a bunch of shows while granting you control with parental locks and whatnot, but it comes with a one year subscription to Amazon Kids+, and can be used as an alarm clock, a night light, or even to narrate stories.

$74.99 $129.99 42% off

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The Echo Show 8 serves as a wonderful mid-range option in this sale. It has the more traditional design, works well with Alexa and streaming services, has a 13-megapixel camera for video calls, and can still work as a smart hub. It’s a very solid device, and a great get at this price.

$44.99 $84.99 47% off

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Despite being the budge option in the Echo Show line, the Echo Show 5 is still one of our favorite choices. The price is obviously a huge bonus, but it can still do a lot of what the more expensive options can do fairly well. It only has a 2-megapixel camera, and it’s not as powerful, but it gets the job done.