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Grab These Amazing Amazon Smart Home Items With Up To 50% Off And Get Your Smart Home Working

There are some very cool Amazon smart home items on sale, making it a great time to either add to your smart home, or just start building one up right now. The discounts are good too, with the items being up to 50% off today.

It’s worth investing in smart home tech for a few different reasons, but the main one is just that it’ll make your life a little bit easier. If you combine the best smart speakers and the best smart bulbs, suddenly, you can voice activate your lights, and that feels awesome to do.

To make sure you know what you’ll be getting, we’ve listed five items below that can all add to your home in some way. We’re huge fans of smart home technology, and we’re confident you will be too.

$59.99 $79.99 25% off

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This smart thermostat can not only allow you to adjust the temperature with ease, but also track your general energy usage and offer ways to help you spend less.

$49.99 $69.99 29% off

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If you’ve ever been worried or wondered about the air quality in your home, this is going to ease your mind. This device can track the air quality in your home, and can alert you via smart speaker or app if something is amiss.

$14.99 $24.99 40% off

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Smart plugs allow you to automate some things like lamps, or spare radiators, in order to not have to worry about turning them on or off. They’re great for holiday usage, and this one works really well with Alexa.

$19.99 $29.99 33% off

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Here’s one for the kiddos, although you’ll still have to buy it for them. This little smart lamp can change colors, create routines to help with mornings or help them drift off to sleep, and can let them change things up while playing too.

$19.99 $39.99 50% off

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This is an older model of the Echo Dot, but it’s a great starting smart speaker, and it’s $20, which is nice. This smart speaker can be used to set alarms and reminders, listen to music with ease, and even call loved ones too.