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SPY Tested Amazon Smart Plug Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving and Now It’s Under $13

If you didn’t realize it yet, there are some outstanding early bird deals going on right now before Amazon’s Early Access Sale event begins next week. We’ve been relentlessly scouring for some of the best daily deals around, and in our search, there’s one that stands out — the Amazon Smart Plug.

This simple, often considered low-tech gadget, has done wonders for our SPY editors. For a limited time right now, you can snag it for under $13.

That’s a whopping 48% off its normal price. Just like us, you’ll have a newfound respect for this gadget when you find out all the useful (and unique) things it could do.

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Why The Amazon Smart Plug Is a Great Deal

We’ve seen the Amazon smart plug drop to $15 before, but this is the lowest price we’ve spotted so far this year.

  • Originally $24.99, but now $12.99
  • Instant savings of $12.00
  • 48% off its regular price
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers

What We Love About the Amazon Smart Plug

As much as the discounted price gets our attention, it’s actually the practical situations in everyday life that we love most about the Amazon Smart Plug. Take for example the simple act of turning on the lights. Rather than spending extra money on pricey smart bulbs, you can easily connect existing lamps you own and turn them on/off with nothing more than a voice command to Alexa. It’s that easy!

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John Velasco | SPY

One of our editors, Tyler Schoeber, recently used the Amazon Smart Plug to transform his regular air conditioner into a smart one with a simple hack. Not only did he have the ability to turn it on while he was home by asking Alexa, but he also had the ability to set schedules. That way, the air conditioner could run more efficiently by turning off at night when the temperature was cooler during the summer.


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Speaking of energy consumption, we love that the Amazon Smart Plug has a hidden feature that’s underutilized by owners. Through the Alexa energy dashboard in the Alexa app, you can get an estimate on your light’s consumption. Features like this add tremendous value in something that’s relatively affordable to buy.

And lastly, we love how easy and simple it is to set up. For those used to manually operating it, there’s a button on the side that can be used at any time to turn on/off whatever is connected to it. We can go on and on about what else it could do, but it’s proven time after time to be versatile.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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