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Arlo Safe Is a Virtual Security Guard That Goes With You Anywhere

Arlo is known for their high-quality security cameras, but what about safety when you’re away from home? That’s what Arlo Safe brings to the table. This is an app with a full suite of security features that connects users with a team of live, medically trained security experts at any time of day.

Arlo Safe is free to download and includes a 30-day free trial, after which prices start at $4.99 per month. It can also be combined with your Arlo Secure subscription if you’re already paying a monthly fee for more features on your cameras.


What We Love About Arlo Safe

Arlo Safe brings a lot of different safety features to the table, including automatic car crash detection (take that, Apple), family check-ins, and 24/7 protection. Think of it like OnStar for your phone. You can tap a button to connect with a trained expert that can walk you through what to do in emergency situations. You can also press and hold the button as a precaution if you’re in a dangerous situation. If you release the button, emergency services will automatically be dispatched to your location. You can also choose whether you need fire, police, or medical responders.

Another useful feature of Arlo Safe is the built-in location sharing. Your entire family can share their locations, so you always know where they are. You can set up specific notifications for when a specific member of the family arrives or leaves a given location, as well as review all past activity. You can even keep an eye on the routes your family members take while they’re out and about.

If you’re in a car crash, Arlo Safe can automatically send help without any input from you. This is particularly useful for severe crashes when someone might be injured an unable to respond, but you can always cancel emergency response if it isn’t necessary. For example, a minor fender-bender might need a police presence just to file a report, but not an ambulance.

Arlo Safe is a peace-of-mind tool. It brings a lot of truly useful features to the table, but the most beneficial feature is the assurance it provides that users aren’t truly alone, and that help is just a quick call away.


Arlo Safe Pricing and Availability

Arlo Safe is available for download now from both the iOS and Google Play stores. The Individual Plan is $5 per month, while the Family Plan is $10 per month. The Arlo Safe & Secure Pro plan, which combines camera monitoring with the Walk With Me Protection, is $20 per month.


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