The 12 Best Video Doorbells To Stop Package Thieves Once and for All

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Even the best doorbell cameras (and smart home security cameras in general) can sometimes feel like they are a security nightmare straight from the pages of 1984. Still, even so, there’s no way around it: the best video doorbells cameras can be incredibly useful. Whether you’re dealing with a package thief or want to see what the deal is with the random car that just pulled up in your driveway, doorbell cameras are hardly tech for tech’s sake.

Founded in 2013 — and subsequently bought by Amazon in 2018 — Ring was one of the first major players to find a broad audience with their original Ring Video Doorbell. This helped bring smart home tech into the mainstream while underscoring the importance and need for proper security protocols and privacy settings.

But plenty of other brands have since entered the fray, and several excellent options can fit any digital (and real-world) lifestyle. In recent months, the SPY team has tested and reviewed new security cameras, video doorbells and smart home security systems from leading brands such as Ring, Google Nest and Wyze, and we take privacy and security very seriously. Below, we’ve selected the 12 best video doorbells for sale in 2022 based on our own testing and reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and price, and we’re confident you can find the right gadget to protect your abode in our guide.

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What To Look For When Buying Video Doorbells

When you’re looking for the best video doorbells, you should consider the following:

  • Battery vs. Wired – If you have an existing doorbell and want to use the chime, you need a wired video doorbell to use the existing wiring. Wired options require more installation, but you don’t have to worry about changing out the battery. Battery-powered doorbells have their advantages too. The installation is relatively easy, and since you aren’t limited to where the previous wiring is, you can install these video doorbells just about anywhere you want. To get an idea of just how easy it can be, you can check out our SPY Team member’s experience with the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.
  • Video Quality and Ratio – Today, most of the best doorbell cameras have incredibly clear video quality, so the difference between a 1080p HD camera and a 1600 x 1200 isn’t going to be that much different to the average user. However, we recommend looking for a video doorbell with a 1:1 ratio, producing head-to-toe video. When someone walks up to the doorbell, you don’t want their head to disappear from the camera’s frame. It can also help you see when a package is at the door.
  • Package Detection – Some newer video cameras have package detection and can notify you when someone has left a package on your front door. This way, you don’t leave your Amazon packages unattended for any longer than necessary.
  • Pre-Roll Recording – Video doorbells can also record a few seconds before the event that triggered motion detection recording. This feature provides context as to what may have started the recording.
  • Video Storage – There are video doorbells storage built-in, like the Eufy Doorbell 2K in our list below, but many provide various options for cloud video recording storage. Keep in mind that often you will need to pay a small subscription fee for full access to cloud recording.

When comparing the best doorbell cameras, we rated each product according to the criteria above, then considered how the price compared to the feature set. To find a smart video doorbell you can trust to protect your home, keep scrolling to see our top recommendations.

wyze video doorbell pro A photo from SPY’s recent test and review of the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. Jonathan Knoder |


1. Ring Video Doorbell 4


Both Google Nest and Amazon’s Ring recently released new generations of their flagship video doorbells, and SPY has now had the chance to test both of them extensively. Ultimately, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 narrowly gets the win, but they’re both stellar products that are great options for protecting your home. If you prefer Google to Amazon, or vice versa, then we recommend making your purchasing decision accordingly.

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 gives you the option to power it with either main power or battery. Thankfully, the battery is removable, so you don’t need to take off the entire doorbell when the battery needs a recharge. As you’d expect from Ring, the video quality is crystal clear, and the Doorbell 4 has a 160-degree field of view and 1080p resolution.

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 also records pre-roll video, meaning this doorbell will capture footage four seconds before the event that triggered the motion detection. Plus, it does so in color (previous iterations recorded pre-roll in black and white). You will need a subscription to Ring Protect to unlock most of these great features, but it’s relatively affordable at only a few bucks a month.

Why It’s the Best: As we said in our Ring Video Doorbell 4 review, this video doorbell is incredibly easy to set up and install, and it has a wide range of impressive security features. Since you’ll most likely be using this camera to stop people from stealing your Amazon packages, we think these Amazon ecosystem security products are the best video doorbells for most people.

Ring Video Doorbell 4 Courtesy of Amazon


2. Google Nest Doorbell


Even though it’s been an outstanding doorbell for such a long time, the Google Nest Hello was desperately overdue for a proper update, especially since it was released back in March 2018. However, late last year, the company released its successor in the Google Nest Doorbell. The wait was worth it.

Shedding some of its bulk, the Google Nest Doorbell features a sleeker, more modern-looking design that’s available in four neutral-toned colors. The redesign does a far better job of blending in with your home’s decor instead of the usual monotone colors — or lack thereof — most doorbells favor. Beyond the design, it’s one of the best smart video doorbells you can buy right now thanks to onboard machine learning to distinguish people, packages, animals and vehicles (a feature that’s seriously lacking in cheap video doorbells)

Rather than choosing to go with the usual 16:9 aspect ratio, the 3:4 ratio used by the Google Nest Doorbell allows you to have a more complete field of view, including any packages left right at the front door. Most other 16:9 aspect video doorbells crop out the proximity closest to the doorbell, but the Nest Doorbell ensures everything’s in full view. As far as video quality, it produces video in HD resolution (960 x 1280 pixels) at up to 30 FPS. Throw in HDR support into the mix as well, and it does a substantially better job of retaining details with high-contrast scenes.

Why It’s the Runner Up: The Google Nest Doorbell offers three hours of video history out of the box, without the need of yet another a subscription service. In the event of power and internet outages, you can sleep soundly because the Nest Doorbell will continue to capture all events because it’s battery-powered and features internal storage. With premium security features like these, plus stellar video quality, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Google Nest Doorbell Courtesy of Best Buy


3. Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell


Arlo no longer needs to be wired for it to work. The wire-free video doorbell connects to your home WiFi wire-free without the need for a hub. This feature increases the price by about $90 above the wired version, but we think the convenience is worth it. Beyond being wire-free, plenty of features make it worth the price tag. The 1:1 video ratio allows you to see a person from head to toe or even see your package sitting on the ground, and it has a wide 180-degree field of view, which comes in wider than even the Ring Pro 2. The two-way voice function allows you to quickly speak with whoever is at your door. You can even use pre-recorded messages when you aren’t home or are busy. And the HDR video quality is top-notch.

Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell Courtesy of Amazon


4. Eufy Video Doorbell 2K


If you’re looking to install a doorbell where one did not exist before, the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K is the best doorbell camera that operates off a battery. This means you don’t need to run wires or use existing wires to make it work. As its name implies, the Video Doorbell 2K features a 2K image sensor which enables it to record video at 1440p resolution.

One minor gripe is that the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K requires that you connect a hub to your router via ethernet cable; however, the cable is included in the package, so luckily, there aren’t any hidden extras to buy. There are perks with the hub. Since it doesn’t offer 24/7 recording, the hub allows the camera to spring into action more quickly, and it also functions as a chime. But the main benefit is that the hub has 16GB of local storage, which means that you can store 180 days of footage without having to pay a monthly subscription fee for a cloud service or worrying as much about your video footage falling into the wrong hands. That said, if you do want to keep your footage in the cloud, Eufy offers a plan starting at $3 a month.

best doorbell cameras Courtesy of Amazon


5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2


There will be no doubt who is on your doorstep with the sharp video quality of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. The doorbell shoots in HDR video and has a range of 150 degrees horizontal and a 150-degree vertical view — you’ll be able to see the whole person (hats-to-shoes). Two of the newest features include 3D Motion Detection and Birds’ Eye View radar. This technology shows you the path someone took to get to your door via an aerial map with yellow and red dots representing where they came from and their current route. This nifty camera also records night vision in color and provides a pre-roll so you can see video before the motion sensor is triggered.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Courtesy of Amazon


6. Wyze Video Doorbell Pro


After testing out the brand new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, SPY was impressed by its range of features and extremely affordable price tag. It has good video quality, both during the day and at night. The two-way voice function is loud and clear, and it even comes with a chime with 24 different sound choices. It couldn’t be easier to install, and the app is equally as easy to navigate. One negative? We wish you could adjust the sensors so that you don’t get notified every time someone walks by your house. Aside from that, it’s a solid choice for a video doorbell, especially for the price.

Wyze is building a solid reputation for offering budget alternatives to popular smart home products, and the newest Wyze video doorbell is another worthy choice. If you’re looking for the best video doorbell under $100, this is our top recommendation. However, if you prefer a sub-$100 video doorbell that’s also part of the Amazon ecosystem, then we recommend going with the new Blink Video Doorbell featured below. Most video doorbells in this price range simply aren’t worth it, but it’s no surprise that Wyze is the exception.

wyze video doorbell cam pro Courtesy of Wyze


7. Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell


Many people use doorbell cameras for nothing more than to see if their packages have arrived. The Maximus Answer DualCam uses two cameras — a top and bottom camera — to provide a complete view of your entranceway. This duality allows you to peep in on the camera located at the bottom to see if your package is sitting on your porch if you missed the initial drop-off. Aside from the dual cameras, there are plenty of other features, including pre-recorded messages while you’re away as well as two-way talking capabilities. With the Kuna app, you can look back at events that happened up to two hours ago and with the premium version, you can see records up to 30 days with unlimited downloads.

Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell Courtesy of Amazon


8. Eufy Security Video Doorbell


Unlike most cameras you’ll find, Eufy doesn’t require a subscription to access all the features. For instance, instead of video storage only available through a subscription, this doorbell camera records up to 16GB of video to a base station connected to your router. That might seem like a pain, but there’s no additional cost associated with this convenient feature. It has a great field of view where you can see a person from top to bottom and outstanding video quality. The unit is battery-powered, but it doesn’t have a removable battery, so you’ll have to take off the doorbell to recharge, but you’ll only need to do that about twice a year. Skip the ongoing costs and get great features with this doorbell camera.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell Courtesy of Amazon


9. Ring Peephole Cam


If you live in an apartment, you may not have a traditional doorbell set up or be allowed to install a battery-powered doorbell on the wall outside your door. Luckily the Ring Peephole doorbell cam installs precisely where the name implies: on the peephole of your apartment door. Aside from the differences in placement, the doorbell functions like a standard doorbell cam and runs off a battery, so you don’t have to worry about trying to wire anything up. It even includes knock detection, so if someone doesn’t think to press a button in the middle of your door, you still get notified when there’s a visitor.

best doorbell cameras Courtesy of Amazon


10. Logitech Circle View


Those who are die-hard team Apple and who use HomeKit for their home automation should consider the Logitech Circle View camera. It falls right in the Apple ecosystem and has a 3:4 aspect ratio along with good video quality, so you can see more of your porch that’s nice and clear, even at night. It even has facial recognition technology for those you have pictures of stored in your iCloud account — very Apple. And a $3 a month subscription will get 10 days of video storage.

Logitech Circle View Courtesy of Amazon


11. Blink Video Doorbell


Ring and Blink are both Amazon-owned brands, but Blink only recently introduced its first video doorbell. We’ll be honest — we were very skeptical of the Blink Video Doorbell at first, as there just aren’t many good video doorbells priced under $100, and budget models like this are often lacking in key features. However, after testing out the Blink Doorbell Camera, we recently named it a worthwhile alternative to the much more expensive Ring cameras. (We almost named this the best budget video doorbell, but Wyze narrowly edged out Blink, as the latter has a more expensive subscription package if you want cloud storage.) This product is easy to set up and install, and it offers decent 1080p video qualitty. In addition, two-way audio is a convenient feature, as is the included Blink Module, which you can use for local storage.

Blink Video Doorbell. Courtesy of Amazon


12. Remo+ RemoBell S


There’s a lot to like about the RemoBell S, starting with the price tag. For less than $100, you get a slim and sleek video doorbell that wires to your existing setup but provides support for Alexa and Google Assistant as well as IFTTT home devices. It shoots HD quality video and has motion detection to begin recording once it detects movement. Thanks to the two-way voice capabilities, you can also talk to whoever is at your door. One minor drawback we noticed is it does record video in the somewhat cliché and outdated fish-eye video mode, but the quality makes up for it. On top of all the good, it comes with free cloud storage. It’s an excellent choice for your doorbell camera — and it certainly helps your wallet to go with Remo over other heavy hitters.

Still, if you’re determined to buy a video doorbell for under $100, our top recommendation is the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro featured above. Remo+ isn’t as well known as brands like Wyze, Arlo and Ring, and customer reviews have complained about mediocre night vision and video quality compared to more expensive models.

Remo+ RemoBell S Courtesy of Amazon


Why Trust SPY: How We Chose These Video Doorbells

At SPY, we love getting our hands on the best tech. So far this year we’ve already tested every Theragun massage gun, tested audio quality with the latest Mobvoi Earbuds, and put the best wireless security cameras from Google Nest, Blink and Simplisafe to the test. Our team includes experienced product testers, tech journalists and shopping editors, and we take great pride in testing the gadgets you want to know about. We want to help SPY readers make the best purchase decisions possible, which is why we spend hours researching, vetting and finding the best tech and the best deals. You work hard for your dollar, and we want to make sure you are spending it wisely.

wyze screenshot A screenshot from SPY's review of the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.

When comparing the top video doorbells, SPY Tech Writer Jonathan Knoder compared the top products from brands such as Eufy, Arlo, Google Nest, Wyze and Ring. Based on the criteria listed above — video storage, package detection, video quality, power source, and special features — we’ve rated the best products in this category. As new products become available and we test additional video doorbells, SPY editors will regularly update this page.


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