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Calling All Readers: It’s Time To Install An Intercom At Home

When it comes to making your home safer and more accessible, one of the easiest improvements is the addition of an intercom system. Two commonly used intercom systems are favorited by homeowners, including an intercom that allows residents to see who is at their door, gate, or other entry points, and intercom systems that are used inside the home and enable residents communicate with one another. These are the two types of systems we’re focusing on because both bring several benefits and can be used simultaneously.

Intercom systems that can be used inside the home, like the Wuloo Wireless Intercoms for Home and the Hosmart Wireless Intercom System, are ideal for large homes, homes with multiple floors, and homes with residents that have mobility issues. These intercoms work by giving residents a way to communicate with one another from different areas of the home, which means less running up and down stairs or outside to garages, sheds, and mother-in-law suites.

By giving residents a quick and easy way to communicate, this cuts down on the need to move, yell, use cell phones, and more. This is especially helpful with residents who live in areas with poor cell reception, have large homes or homes with multiple floors, or have mobility issues that make some parts of the home inaccessible.

The intercoms are not only convenient, but they also offer safety features. Using the Monitor and VOX setting on the Wuloo and the Hosmart, parents can listen to young children in a different room, ensuring that everyone is playing safely when out of the parent’s eye line. This is also a helpful feature for residents with elderly or sick relatives living in the home.

The third intercom we’ve included on our list is the 1byone Door Phone Video Intercom System, which gives residents the ability to look at a video monitor to see who is at their front door, back door, gate, or other entry points. The system can take pictures and video and enables the user to speak to the person at the door. Again, this intercom offers an added element of safety by displaying who is at the front door and is also an excellent product for residents with mobility issues.

For more on these three intercoms that are perfect for homes and small businesses, check out our reviews below.

1. 1byone Door Phone Video Intercom System

The 1byone Door Phone Video Intercom System comes with two 7” video monitors that display a live video feed of exterior doors and can be used for up to two entry points.

Pros: The 1byone is an HD camera video doorbell that comes with a 1GB SD card that can store pictures and images taken at entry points. It also has a two-way voice system that allows users to speak with people at their door. The camera has infrared LED night vision and has a full aluminum front panel and is waterproof, protecting it from vandalism and the elements.

Cons: Customers note that they wish there were more ringtone options.

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2. Wuloo Wireless Intercoms for Home

The Wuloo Wireless Intercoms for Home has an impressive 5,280-foot range and comes with four intercoms, making it perfect for a large home or small office.

Pros: The Wuloo allows residents to speak to one another from different areas of the home or office. The system features 10 channels and three digital codes, with an enhanced anti-interferences rating that means it works well with other intercoms in the same digital code. The Wuloo features Monitor, Talk, VOX (voice operated exchange), Group Talk, and Call. The Wuloo is compatible with 5V 1A power banks and can be mounted on the wall.

Cons: Some customers complained that the instructions included with the Wuloo were challenging to understand, and others noted that static noise can sometimes be a problem with the units.

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3. Hosmart Wireless Intercom System

The Hosmart Wireless Intercom System has a range of 1,500 feet and features seven secure channels for users to communicate in a home or small business.

Pros: The Hosmart comes with two intercoms and has a range of 1,500 feet, with the wireless intercom offering users functions like Monitor, Talk, VOX and Group Call. The Monitor function be on 24 hours, ideal for people in homes with small children, elderly relatives, or people with mobility and health issues. The Hosmart has anti-interference signal technology, which cuts down on picking up signals and chatter from other systems. Like the Wuloo, the Hosmart uses 5V 1A power banks and can easily be moved and transported to other areas when needed. Customers liked that the microphone is sensitive and can pick up quiet audio like wheezing or coughing.

Cons: Like the Wuloo, customers found the instructions for the Hosmart difficult to follow.

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