The Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras (And Where You Should Never Put Them)

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Home security cameras aren’t just about watching for bad guys; they’re great for keeping an eye on your home if you’re away, for monitoring the kids’ curfews, watching for package deliveries and even checking if the kid up the street cut the lawn. So what’s the best placement for a home security camera to ensure you can see everything you need to see?


 Camera Facing the Street Or Driveway

Many of us are looking for a way to keep tabs on who’s coming and going from our homes, so placing a security camera, like a Ring Stick Up Cam, at the front of your house, facing the street or the driveway is a good idea. That way, the camera could catch a break-in or a wayward garbage truck nicking your mirror. Plus, while it’s watching your own property, these cameras also sometimes capture important happenings across the street, meaning if there was a break-in at the neighbor’s, your Ring camera may be the one that catches the license plate of the departing vehicle. For these reasons, if you could only pick one, the best place to install a home security camera is facing the street.

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Front Door: Choose A Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are a simple all-in-one security solution too since they can be installed right beside the front door to monitor who’s calling on you, as well as any package delivery folks who drop and run but opt not to ring the bell. Ring’s Video Doorbell cameras can also alert you to any motion, not just doorbell rings, so you’ll always have a record of what’s happening at the doorstep, as well as in the area around the front door.

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Backyard Camera

If you have pets or children, one of the best places to install a security camera is in the backyard; it can allow you to keep an eye on things from indoors, since cameras, like the Google Nest Cam Battery, can be easily linked to view on a Google Nest Home Hub screen. Placing the camera off to one corner of the yard, and pointing it to include a gate or the back door will also offer the opportunity for a watchful eye on other access points, too.

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Garage Camera

Adding a security camera to the garage is a huge help; It can be an easy way to ensure the door was actually closed even after you’ve arrived at work. It can also ensure you know if your neighbor did actually return that tool, or see who borrowed your child’s bike.

Cameras like the ones that are part of the Lorex system can also send you alerts if they detect people. The Lorex 2K wire-free battery camera connects with the Lorex Home Security Center and will send a short “ping” to the security center if a person is spotted, so you can follow up as needed.

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Cameras Near Front & Rear Door

When it comes to indoor camera placement, the best place to install a home security camera is near your busiest access doors. For most of us that will be the front door. Mounting a wireless battery-powered camera to the ceiling near the front door allows you to monitor comings and goings easily, particularly if you aren’t home. If it’s in your budget, adding a second wireless camera to a rear door is also a good idea.

Wyze is an American company making very small cameras that can even double as nanny-cams if you ever need that, plus their swiveling Wyze Cam Pan can actually track a person across your space too, giving you a much wider coverage area than just the doorway.

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Main Living Area Camera

If you are looking to get the widest area of coverage for the least cost, one of the best places to install a home security camera is in a corner of the main living area (bonus points if it also captures the front door). A camera set far back in the room, and even up on a high shelf, can often see a large portion of the space, meaning that if someone might have entered through a window, you’d still potentially know it.

Wired cameras like the Arlo Essential indoor security camera are also convenient because we usually have outlets around these spaces for power, meaning there’s no need to worry about recharging batteries. A camera like Arlo Essential also boasts a privacy shield so you can close it off while you’re home, and flip it open when you leave town, if privacy is a concern.

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Cameras for the Kitchen

A multi-purpose camera is another option for living spaces. It’s actually nice to have something like the Amazon Echo Show 10 in the kitchen to engage in hands-free video chats with family and friends, but the beauty of this device is that the unit is on a swiveling base, so you can actually use it as a 360-degree surveillance camera, too. For privacy reasons, this device will post a note on the screen that someone is viewing the camera, but it’s a great extra bit of insurance if you’ve left the house and want to spin around and see if you really did leave the stove on, for example. A privacy shutter over the camera also ensures you have control over its access.

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Where Not To Put A Camera, Ever

While there are a lot of great reasons to have a security camera in the house, there are a few places you should not install them. Never put a camera in a bedroom, for obvious reasons, and the same goes for bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to keep them out of bedroom hallways, since not all of us get fully dressed to dip to the bathroom.


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