Always Put Safety First With the Best Home Security Cameras

best home security cameras
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The best home security cameras can be a great way to give yourself peace of mind. It’s an easy way to monitor pets, kids and any visitors you may have in your home while you’re away. Plus, in the unthinkable event that a burglary happens, you’ll be prepared. Many security systems can double as outdoor security cameras or indoor security cameras, allowing you to keep tabs on people walking by, as well as whatever may be going on inside your home. A security camera can also be a worthwhile investment for small business owners.

When looking for your home security camera system, there are a few things to look out for. First, it should be able to record in high definition. An overly pixelated video isn’t very useful in the event that you’d need to file a police report. Motion detection is important as well; the camera doesn’t have to be on all the time, but it has to be able to catch anything important. Additionally, it ought to be able to connect to your phone so you can easily check-in. The best home security cameras are also compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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Finally, it’s important to consider how much protection you’re looking for. For small apartments, you may only need an HD indoor camera with local storage. However, if you’re looking for a smart home security system with alarms, two-way audio, night vision video and automatic activity alerts, you may need a more comprehensive security product. Keep reading to discover our favorite home security cameras for protecting your property.


1. Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System


If you’re looking for a total smart home security camera system, then you can’t beat the Arlo Pro 2 package. This smart security system includes a rechargeable indoor/outdoor camera and a ton of advanced features. Not only does the Alro Pro 2 come with a local USB storage device, but Arlo also automatically stores seven days of video footage for free. In addition, this product comes with the Arlo Siren system, a 100-decibel alarm that can be triggered remotely if you detect unusual activity. The cameras provide 1080p high-definition resolution and motion detection. On top of that, each of the cameras is wired for two-way audio.

Alro Pro 2 also eliminates the need for wires by offering a completely wireless security system. You’ll only need to plug the cameras in to recharge the battery. The weatherproof cameras make this security system ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. In short, if you’re looking for the best home security cameras that also come with smart home security features, this is the product you’re looking for.

Pros: Smart home security system that’s compatible with Amazon and Google. Indoor-outdoor cameras also have night vision capabilities, a siren, and two-way audio capabilities. Free cloud storage for the prior seven days of video.

Cons: For customers looking for home security cameras only, this security system may have more features than needed.

arlo security camera, best security cameras Courtesy of Amazon

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security System



2. eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt


While many home security cameras require some sort of additional unit that connects the cameras, this unit is standalone, saving you money and space. It’s designed as an indoor camera, and it has several features that allow you to securely monitor your home and check in on pets and kids. It has a pan and tilt feature to get the full view of the room, and it can actually pan around the room automatically to follow motion, too. Plus, Eufy cameras don’t require a subscription plan.

Pros: Pan and tilt feature allows you to see your entire room. AI features can distinguish between people and pets.

Cons: Motion sensor can be overly sensitive.

eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, best home security camera Image Courtesy of Amazon

eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam



3. the NOOK Cam


This multi-purpose indoor security camera from NookCasa comes with real time motion detection, a 1080p image and WiFi connectivity so you can have a crystal clear view of any room in your home whenever you need it. It hooks up easily with an app on your phone so you can view a livestream at any time, and it’s a small, portable camera you can position anywhere. It also has two-way audio, so you can easily communicate between rooms. It also comes with notable privacy features, including a sleep function, geo-fencing and scheduled recording times.

Pros: WiFi connectivity, small, portable size, two-way audio.

Cons: Newer product that doesn’t have any customer reviews.

the NOOK cam, best security cameras Courtesy of NookCasa




4. Google Nest Indoor Cam


Google offers a variety of great smart home devices through their Nest line, including this sleek indoor camera. It features a plug-and-play design that makes it easy to set up. There are multiple tiers in the subscription plan, so you can pick the one that’s the best value and convenience for you. The lowest tier gives you 30 days of access to your videos. The camera has motion and sound alerts, plus 24/7 live streaming so you never miss anything. Plus, even though they’re competitors, this camera can be set up to work with Alexa.

Pros: Sleek design. Easy setup. Two-way communication. Motion and sound alerts to your phone.

Cons: Require a Nest subscription to access cloud storage.

home security camera Image Courtesy of Amazon

Google Nest Indoor Camera



5. SimpliSafe Home Security Camera


SimpliSafe’s latest security camera comes with everything you need to keep a watchful eye over your home from anywhere via the SimpliSafe app. Their cameras are built with detection algorithms that are calibrated to detect and sense unique human heat signatures, so you get the alerts that matter, from unfamiliar individuals, rather than pings whenever your son decides to get up in the middle of the night. The crystal clear HD video loads quickly, and setup is designed to be super easy. Each camera has a wide angle vision, audio and video and night vision as well.

Pros: Unique human heat signature detection, HD video streaming, wide angle lens and night vision.

Cons: You have to download the SimpliSafe app to access your footage.

SimpliSafe security camera Courtesy of Amazon

SimpliSafe Home Security Camera



6. Kasa Smart (KC200) Outdoor Camera by TP-Link


TP-Link is the largest provider of wireless networking products, and the company has since branched out to include smart home gadgets. That includes this reasonably-priced outdoor camera, which boasts motion detection and a weatherproof build, so you’ll stay in the know, no matter the season. It has two-way audio so you can communicate with people at your door, whether that’s scaring off would-be intruders or simply saying hi to the neighbor.

Pros: Affordable value. Two-way audio. Motion detection.

Cons: Free cloud service is only provided for two years.

Kasa Smart (KC200) Outdoor Camera by TP-Link Image Courtesy of Amazon

Kasa Smart Outdoor Camera by TP-Link


7. WYZE Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera


For a fraction of the price of its competitors, Wyze offers color night vision and an IP65 rating which means you can install it outdoors easily. Videos are available for 14 days following their recording without the need for a subscription service. In addition, Wyze security cameras let customers remotely monitor their homes, and sends alerts whenever movement is detected.

Pros: Advanced motion and sound detection, full color night vision.

Cons: One-way talk feature with Alexa is not available.

wyze cam, best security cameras Courtesy of Amazon

WYZE Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor HD Video Camera



8. eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


If you’re looking for a smart camera to monitor the front of your home, consider a doorbell camera. They serve multiple functions, including allowing you to communicate with visitors, check for packages, and, obviously, hear when someone is at the door. Eufy’s video doorbell features a plug-in chime that allows you to use it as a regular doorbell, in addition to phone notifications when motion is detected. And since the storage is local, there’s no subscription cost.

Pros: No subscription cost. Includes a physical plug-in chime. Allows you to set pre-recorded messages for visitors, or communicate live through two-way audio.

Cons: Mounting it bypasses your doorbell, rendering your existing doorbell unusable.

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Image Courtesy of Amazon

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell



9. Kasa Spot Indoor Camera (2-Pack)


If you want to provide camera coverage for several areas of your home, then the Kasa indoor cameras from TP-Link are an excellent choice. This product includes three indoor cameras that can be discretely positioned throughout your home for 24/7 security. The wide-angle lens and night vision capabilities ensure you aren’t left in the dark. Even better, these smart home security cameras can send activity alerts when they detect motion or sound. By combining these advanced features and affordability, these are some of the best home security cameras at this price point.

Pros: Two indoor-outdoor cameras with advanced recording features. Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Cons: Cloud video storage not included.

Kasa Spot Indoor Camera (2-Pack) Image Courtesy of Amazon

Kasa Spot Indoor Camera 2-Pack



10. eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit


If you’re looking for an outdoor solution, this kit from Eufy includes two cameras, making it easier to monitor a larger area. The cameras are wireless, as well, so you can more easily place them without having to worry about proximity to wiring. Eufy’s cameras rely on local storage, rather than a cloud, making for a more affordable option without monthly fees. The batteries can supply power for up to 180 days.

Pros: Wireless for easier setup. Local storage, eliminating the need to pay for cloud storage. Two cameras included.

Cons: Range could be better.

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit Image Courtesy of Amazon

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit



11. AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera


With an IP66 waterproof rating, the AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera is built to handle whatever the elements throw its way. Beyond the ruggedness, intelligent AI human motion detection reduces the risk of false alarms and notifications. And with the ability for up to 20 people to watch and share video, you’ll have plenty of eyes to verify alarms. Thanks to these features, this is one of the best home security cameras designed specifically for outdoor use.

Pros: Weatherproof camera with clear night vision and customizable motion detection.

Cons: This is a large camera and lacks cloud storage.

AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera, best home security cameras Courtesy of Amazon

AMICCOM Outdoor Security Camera