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One Of The Best Smart Locks Is 40% Off Today, Grab It And Keep That Home Secure

One of the best smart locks on the market is currently a massive 40% off thanks to a sale on Amazon. That means the normal price of $139.99 is being brought down to just $83.99, and for that price, the user gets a huge amount of functionality and safety in one easy-to-install package. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to open their own door with the dulcet sound of their voice?

The eufy Security Smart Lock has a touchscreen keypad with codes that can be easily controlled using the app, which means it’s easy to grant one-time access or change it up every weekend when guests are coming over, or if the building is being let out for a short amount of time. It can also be locked and unlocked via the eufy app itself, which makes letting someone in or double-checking the security at home way easier than it would normally be.

It also offers real-time notifications for when someone is trying to enter the home, and event history so things are easy to track, and the user can even trigger an alarm or have one trigger automatically depending on the current situation. It’s an excellent addition to any smart home and pairs well with the best security cameras. It also ups the security to keep other people out, while making it far easier for the user to get in. Plus. the 40% discount is very nice.

$83.99 $139.99 40% off

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This smart lock is easy to install, and offers a wealth of useful features to the user. It can be controlled from anywhere via a secure app, which means the owner can manage things like key codes or just unlock it or lock it from afar on the fly as needed. It has multiple ways to unlock it including things like Apple Watch unlocking and even voice commands, and works especially well when paired with a eufy doorbell for even more safety.