Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: These Smart Mirrors Reveal All

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: These
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When it comes to home improvements, most changes that create a noticeable difference come with a big price tag and a long list of headaches. But something as simple as adding a smart mirror to your bathroom or bedroom can make a positive difference in your daily routine and be set up in seconds for a low price.

Smart mirrors are available with a variety of features and the three options we’ve highlighted all provide different benefits. The simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror is designed to sit on a counter or vanity and gives off different levels of brightness and magnification. The Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror brings old Hollywood glam to any bathroom or bedroom and instantly turns your space into an area that is ideal for doing makeup, hair, or any type of facial grooming. Simple and sleek in its design, the Miusco Large Vanity Mirror is the perfect mirror to add to a bedroom or bathroom that either doesn’t have a mirror or has a mirror that is small or difficult to reach.

Smart mirrors are often thought of primarily for the application of makeup, but they are also helpful for all types of grooming. Shaving, plucking, applying creams and lotions, styling hair or tending to oral health are much easier when you’re able to clearly see what you’re doing, which can be difficult with a standard bathroom mirror. Smart mirrors offer magnification, bright lights, and the ability to easily move and swerve the mirror to find the perfect position for your needs.

Whether you want a mirror that can sit on a tabletop or be mounted on the wall, there’s a smart mirror that will have everyone in your home fighting to use it. You may want to buy a few. If you want to improve your bathroom vanity with a light that is brilliant in a number of ways, we have the smart mirrors for you.


1. simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror

Using surgical grade LED lights, the rechargeable and cordless simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror is so intuitive that it turns on as you approach it and turns off as you walk away.

Pros: Bring natural sunlight inside with the simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror which provides five times magnification. We love that the simplehuman can sense when you’re close and turns on, while also being able to automatically turn itself off when you leave the range. Both the battery and bulb life is impressive, with one charge lasting up to five weeks. As for the surgical grade LED lights, they will continue to perform like new for 40,000 hours. Backed by a five-year warranty, customers report they are satisfied with simplehuman’s customer service.

Cons: Some customers note that the mirror can often stop holding a charge after an extended period of use.

simplehuman Sensor Lighted Vanity Mirror


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2. Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Bring a touch of Hollywood into your home with the Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror, which features 12 LED lights and an easy to use dimmer switch.

Pros: Unlike most smart mirrors that take up space on a vanity or countertop, the Chende can be mounted on the wall for versatility. Three brightness levels allow customers to customize their light, and the wooden base provides a small ledge for items like lotion or cologne. The Chende is our biggest mirror, measuring 26.77” x 22.83” x 0.98” and not only acts as a great makeup and grooming mirror but also as a décor piece for your home.

Cons: The Chende comes with a big price tag, and although 12 LED lights are included with the purchase, additional lights must be purchased when the bulbs die. Unlike the simplehuman, the Chende doesn’t offer magnification.

Chende Hollywood Vanity Mirror

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3. Miusco Large Vanity Mirror

The Miusco Large Vanity Mirror is made with a modern chrome finish and smoothly rotates in every direction to give you a distortion-free view.

Pros: If you need to add a small mirror to a space or find it challenging to lean over your vanity to shave or apply makeup in your bathroom mirror, the Miusco Large Vanity Mirror is a great option. Affordable and modern, the Miusco measures 10.2 X 8.2 inch and has a smooth 360 swivel that makes it easy to view your face at any angle. The mirror’s weighted base adds stability with customers noting that the mirror doesn’t droop or take up much space on a counter.

Cons: Like the Chende, the Miusco doesn’t offer magnification. It also doesn’t include lights like the first two options.

Miusco Large Vanity Mirror

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