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This $15 Smart Plug Lets You Control Practically Anything With Siri

Now you can control your home’s appliances with just a touch of a button. Boy Genius Report has found a Siri enabled smart plug at under $30 for a 2-pack. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
Wi-Fi smart plugs that let you control all of the devices around your house with Alexa and Google Assistant are a dime a dozen, but smart plugs that are also compatible with Apple HomeKit are far less common. On top of that, they’re almost always so much more expensive than other smart outlets. If you want to control your fans, lamps, coffee makers, or anything else with Siri instead of just Alexa, definitely check out the VOCOlinc Smart Plug. 2-packs are available right now on Amazon for just $29.99, which means they’re just $15 a piece!

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Image courtesy of Amazon

VOCOlinc Smart Plugs work without any extra cables, bases or plugs. No hub? No problem! Thanks to its hub-free design, you can control your smart plugs virtually anywhere via Apple TV/HomePod/iPad (iOS) or VOCOlinc Cloud (Android).

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