This $40 Wireless Charger Doubles as a Secret Security Cam

best wireless charger hidden camera
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* This wireless charger houses a built-in security camera
* The high-quality camera includes motion detection and infrared night vision
* It’s ideal for incognito home security and is available for approximately $40

As wireless charging becomes a standard and widely available way of charge your smartphone and other personal devices, it makes sense that we’ll soon see wireless charging discs around the home, office and public areas. It’s this familiarity which makes the design of the lnzee Spy Camera Wireless Charger so smart. Visitors and intruders to your home will never think to look twice.

The device looks like a normal wireless charger with a slim, plate design. And like most other chargers, it provides fast charging for devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other compatible models. Plus, the traditional style of this charger ensures you can house it on any table, desktop or shelf without drawing attention. In addition, the charger has LED indicator lights to show whether it’s in standby or charging.

best wireless charger hidden camera Image courtesy of Amazon

Inside the wireless charger, the spy security camera sports a rechargeable battery which can record up to two hours of video from a full charge. The camera itself records at 1080p HD quality and has a 120-degree recording angle, giving you impressive coverage in your position of choice. Furthermore, the camera can house a micro SD card up to 32GB in size, allowing for hours of recording.

Camera recording modes include motion detection, loop recording and infrared vision for recording in low light or at night.

best wireless charger hidden camera Image courtesy of Amazon

This 2-in-1 camera charger is ideal for adding an extra dimension of security to your home. This doesn’t just work against unexpected home intruders but also helps to ensure visitors and children with a tendency to stretch the truth can be kept under control.

So if you live in a home with housemates who you can’t trust 100% or would simply like to add an additional level of safety to your home, try this 2-in-1 wireless charger and hidden camera for easy charging and home security rolled into one.


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