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Amazon’s Buy One, Get One Free Deal on Blink Mini Security Cameras Is Back!

Heads up, SPY readers! Our favorite BOGO deal on the Blink Mini security camera is back.

As part of Amazon’s pre-Black Friday sale, the mega-retailer is bringing back some of its top discounts, including this discount on the Blink Mini. Seriously, this is a rare chance to score a free indoor security camera, and we’ve got all the details.

If you were to buy a 1-pack Blink Mini camera right now, it would cost you $29.99. However, as part of the Amazon Black Friday sale, a 2-pack is also priced at $29.99, letting you get a second camera for absolutely no cost.

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Courtesy of Amazon.

In early July, we saw it at its lowest price of the year — but only for a brief moment. However, another new deal is available right now that snags you a free Blink Mini camera when you buy one. If you missed the last deal, this is your chance to buy a 2-piece Blink Mini kit at 54% off, which makes it a buy one, get one offer.

The Blink Mini is beloved for many reasons, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given it’s one of the best home security cameras because of its affordable price and simple use. What makes it better is whenever a good deal happens to come along for it.


Why the Blink Mini Is a Great Deal

We really doo love the Blink Mini, which is one of the best smart home cameras for indoor use. Amazon recently rolled out a new Pan-and-Tilt Mount for the Blink Mini, which gives you full 360-degree coverage of any room. We reviewed (and loved) the Pan-and-Tilt Mount, but this BOGO deal lets you expand your field of view by adding a second camera.

  • Originally $65.99, but now $29.99
  • Instant savings of $35.00
  • 54% off its regular price
  • Free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers
  • Get a Blink Mini camera for free!

What We Love About the Blink Mini

First, we’ll say that you can quickly cover your home with these Blini Mini home security cameras without spending a fortune. But just remember, you’ll want to strategically place them to maximize coverage and places where you shouldn’t put cameras inside. Thanks to its ultra-affordable cost, you’ll have plenty of coverage where you need it.

Secondly, the Blink Mini is a simple, easy-to-use security camera that keeps watch when you’re not home. Sure, it may not be as advanced as other cameras, but neither is it grossly overpriced. When it comes down to it, this 1080p security camera will kick on whenever motion is detected. Need fewer notifications? No problem. You also have the option to create motion detection zones to reduce false alerts.

And lastly, it integrates well with Amazon Alexa to do an assortment of things with compatible smart speakers and smart displays — including the Alexa app for mobile. You can tell Alexa to disarm the camera when you’re home so it won’t actively record video. You can even set it up to watch the camera’s live stream through an Echo Show smart display or Alexa smart TV like the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series.

We can go on and on about what’s awesome, but this deal is the best thing about it.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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