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6 Creative Ways to Use Motion Sensors Around Your Home

Depending on who you ask, home security has become a complicated matter. There are high-tech security cameras that have facial recognition, can track a person’s location through radar technology, and even draw out more details in video thanks to color night vision. These are all wonderful features to have, but cameras can sometimes feel like invasive elements inside of the home.

Take the bedroom for example, which can be off-limits for many people. It’s not a place where many people would willingly install a security camera. But did you know there are other solutions that can still provide peace of mind security? We’re talking about your handy, yet still trusty, motion sensor.

Sure, it may be elementary compared to those fancy security cameras, but trust us when we say that they’re still just as useful. One of the main advantages of motion sensors is that they respect your privacy since it’s what we’d classify as a more passive system. Beyond just informing you whenever it detects motion, there are actually several creative ways to use motion sensors throughout the home.

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Why Motion Sensors Are Useful for Home Security

  • Discrete security, they’re not as invasive as cameras.
  • Compact size makes them easy to install anywhere.
  • You receive notifications whenever they’re triggered.
  • Low power consumption delivers long battery life.

Put One in the Bathroom

Just like bedrooms, you shouldn’t have a security camera installed in the bathroom. We can go on and on why that’s the case, but it’s the perfect place for a motion sensor instead. Burglars will try all possible methods to break into your home, including access through cramped bathroom windows.

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When you’re away from home and receive a notification from the motion sensor, it should be taken seriously because you know something’s up. On the flip side, there are some motion sensors, like the one from Ring, that can be customized to emit a specific tone on the Ring Alarm Pro base station whenever it’s triggered. If you hear that, then you know someone is using the facility.

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Make Sure Kids Are Doing Homework and Not Playing Video Games

This one’s really creative because working parents don’t have the luxury of physically being at home to monitor all of their kids’ activities. Remote learning continues to be a practice employed by many schools, so kids learning from home can be tempted to play video games and not do their homework.

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Using a motion sensor can help you keep track of this unhealthy habit. We suggest keeping your kids’ favorite video game consoles and controllers inside of a cabinet or entertainment system. That way, you can place a motion sensor nearby to let you know they’re cheating on homework with video games.


Keep Your Valuables Safe

Do you have valuables such as jewelry and hard cash stored away somewhere in your home? Wherever they’re located, using a motion sensor can help to keep you informed whenever someone is daring enough to snoop around.

Drawers and cabinets pose no problems for motion sensors thanks to their diminutive sizes, but you’ll want to angle them accordingly — so that they actually will register movement. Most motion sensors allow you to adjust their sensitivity, so you might need to tweak it just a bit to get it to work properly.


Make Sure Your Pets Are Staying Hydrated

If you have furry friends living at home, veterinarians will tell you that hydration is essential for pet health. Not drinking enough could be an indicator of an underlying health problem, which could end up becoming life-threatening if left untreated.

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Using a motion sensor around water bowls or fountains is a simple way of keeping tabs on how often they visit. Even though it won’t tell you if they’re actually drinking or not, it’s still a good idea to place water bowls in a separate area from where they eat. Alternatively, you can put one inside of a dog house to let you know whenever your pooch is about to snooze for a bit.


Know That Your Elderly Parents Are Starting Their Day

Routines are good, they’re indicators that everything is all right in the world. That’s especially true when you have elderly parents living with you at home. If they routinely get up in the morning at a specific time and then return to bed at night, a motion sensor can give you peace of mind that they’re OK — even if they live on their own.

Placing a motion sensor in their bedroom can inform you that they’re doing all of their normal routines. If you notice that the sensor hasn’t registered any motion at their usual wake-up or sleeping time, then it should give you reason to call and check up on them.

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Make Sure No One Is Raiding the Liquor Cabinet

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Here’s another practical application for the adults who don’t want their kids (and their friends) to raid the liquor cabinet when they’re not there. Adding a motion sensor inside of a liquor cabinet is a good way to ensure no one’s secretly pouring themselves a glass from your favorite bottle of aged scotch whiskey or homemade craft beer.


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