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Deebot’s New Robot Vacuum Spits Out Fresh Air When It’s Done Cleaning Your Filthy Home

Ecovacs has just announced and released three new robot vacuums into their Deebot family. While they’re all interesting, our pick for the most exciting of the bunch is the Deebot T9+, which is built for homes with kids and pets, and even includes a built-in air freshener.

A lot of robot vacuums are advertised as something that can handle anything you throw at it, so it’s good to see ones that are clearly designed for specific kinds of homes. After all, the difference in cleaning a floor needs with one adult living there versus what it would need with two kids, cats, and adults living there is substantial.

It could easily mean that any of these three could end up in our list of the best robot vacuums, which means they’ll be a wonderful partner for the best robot mops too.

This is the star of the show, at least for us. The Deebot T9+ has both TrueDetect 3D and TrueMapping 2.0 to make sure it can navigate safely, even around things like Lego sets. It can also mop as it goes too thanks to the Ozmo Pro system within it. It’s basically going to do everything on your floor. It also has an air-freshener, and that’s just wonderful.

The Deebot N10+ is built for smaller apartments or homes, and ideally, those without kids. It’s meant to be an entry-level robot, so it’s designed for efficiency more than just power. It’s still got TrueMapping for better navigation though, and comes with an auto-empty station as well.

This is the high-end, and therefore the most expensive, but basically excels at everything. It takes everything great about robot vacuums and turns it up to 11. It can even take voice commands directly, thanks to natural language processing technology.