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Save $100 on the Award-Winning Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum Today Only

Hosting parties and get-togethers over the holidays can be taxing, especially when it comes to the cleanup afterwards. No one wants to waste their time having to vacuum, which could be better spent on other, more productive things. That’s where the Discover Samsung event comes to the rescue with the deal it’s offering right now for the Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum, which takes $100 off the price — plus an additional $75 off when you bundle it with other Samsung products.

This robot vacuum doesn’t mess around when it comes to cleaning. Whether it’s sucking up crumbs left over from holiday dinners at home, to the confetti that’s sure to be around on the floor if you host a New Year’s Eve party, the Samsung Jet Bot Vacuum will do dirty work of cleaning. Leveraging LiDAR technology, it’ll map out your home so that it knows exactly where to go and what to avoid. It’s an efficient robot vacuum that doesn’t waste time, which makes the most of its runtime.

It’s even smart enough to distinguish surfaces. In fact, it’ll increase its suction performance over carpet to ensure it delivers a deeper clean. Through the Samsung SmartThings, you can also set up no-go zones and virtual walls to keep the bot from roaming into places it shouldn’t go, like around pet feeding areas. As for stairs, there’s no worry either because cliff sensors will let it know to stop.

With the extra savings you’ll be getting, the cost in picking up this robot vacuum is well worth it. The only thing you’ll have to do is empty its dustbin whenever it’s full. The price of convenience is invaluable, which is why you’ll want to take advantage of this limited time offer.

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Courtesy of Samsung