Control Any of Your Internet Connected Devices With the Push of This Button (Literally)

Flic Smart Button
Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods
Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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Every once in a while an invention comes along that’s so genius and so simple you can’t imagine ever having lived without it. The Flic smart button is the latest and greatest in IoT technology and is a Bluetooth device that’s 100 percent customizable. By assigning it different tasks, you can save time and make your life easier. All you have to do is tap a single button.

Want to program the Flic to turn on your TV? Done. Want to use it to call an Uber? Boom. Want to tap it to dim your living room lights? You can—if your lights are synced to your home’s smart system. Each button can be assigned up to three tasks and you can reprogram them at any time. The possibilities—figuratively speaking—are endless.

Flic Smart Button Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

With an impressive wireless range up to 150 feet, these Bluetooth buttons only need to be near your phone in order to work. Simply download the app and sync the buttons for instant access. From there, you can program each button to execute a certain task. From mindless jobs like opening the garage door to awesome simplicities like turning your phone’s ringer off in the next room, a few moments with the Flic and you’ll never want to live without it again.

Perhaps even cooler is just how tiny they are. Seriously, they’re small enough to fit snugly in your pocket, wallet or purse, and they even come with a sticky back adhesive, which makes it possible to slap them on your gadgets and gizmos. You can also share app access with your friends and/or roommates to help make simple household tasks a breeze.

Flic Button Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Compatible with both Android and Apple models, each button’s built-in battery is designed to last up to 18 months on a single charge, which is definitely more than enough time for you to get acclimated with these little guys. The coolest part is that the more you use them, the more uses you’ll think of. One happy reviewer mentioned how she bought one for her husband and he instantly programmed it to make strange noises whenever pressed. See? You can do anything!

The more our lives and our household gadgets become interconnected, the more useful these little buttons will become. We can definitely see these types of gadgets being commonplace within the next few years. Just imagine how hip you’ll be if you jump on the bandwagon before everyone else.