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A Lot Of The Amazing Echo Show Range Is Up To 58% Today, So Now’s The Time To Start That Smart Home

Amazon has an exceptional sale on many of its best smart screens at the moment, with some of the Echo Show line being up to 58% off. Four different varieties of this device are on sale, and each of them has different pros and cons. They’re all worthy of a purchase though, especially if used to begin the setup of a smart home.

Each Echo Show device can act as a hub to allow the user to not only use the smart screen itself, but interact with other smart devices at home, and control them with ease. The only one that’s not ideal for this is the Echo Show 5 Kids, because nobody wants their kids in charge of the thermostat or lights, not really.

These devices are perfect for those who’ve recently started looking into other things like the best smart speakers or the best smart lights, because they all integrate so well. Just make sure to check specific integrations and compatibility if using a device that’s not natively using Alexa.

$39.99 $94.99 58% off

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This smart screen is an excellent help for both parents and kids. It can be used to view shows and make video calls, but everything is safe thanks to incredibly easy-to-use parental controls. It also comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

$74.99 $129.99 42% off

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The Echo Show 8 is a little smaller then some of the others in this sale, but it’s also got a nice 42% discount, and is more than enough for many users. It can be used for video calls, TV shows, films, and as a hub for other smart devices too.

$194.99 $249.99 22% off

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This Echo Show 10 has an impressive HD screen making it excellent for viewing recipes or making video calls, can be used to watch streaming services, and is an excellent hub. It can even be used as a security camera when not at home.

$224.98 $279.98 20% off

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This is the priciest of the Echo Show line, but it also has the most impressive features. This device can be used to watch TV shows and films thanks to built-in Fire TV, can act as a smart hub, and has a privacy shutter for the camera too.