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eufy Announces Newest Hybrid Vacuum-Mop at CES 2023: Meet the X9 Pro

Eufy has announced its newest robot vacuum as part of CES 2023 events. The annual consumer electronics show often sees companies reveal their new product lineup, and eufy didn’t disappoint, showing its new eufy Clean X9 Pro.

New features in eufy X9 Pro hybrid vac-mop

The X9 Pro is a dual-purpose vacuum and mopping robot and appears to be an upgrade over eufy’s current X8 and X8 Hybrid. While the X8’s specs show 2,000Pa of suction power, the X9 Pro will boast 5,500, potentially making it a monster regarding vacuum abilities. According to the company’s press release, the X9 Pro will keep the Twin-Turbine technology that already exists in the X8 and build on it. This iteration also adds mop lifting capabilities where the bot will raise the mopping plate (just over a centimeter or about half an inch) when it detects carpet, whereas with the previous version, you had to create no-mopping zones to avoid soggy rugs. We’ve seen this technology work well in other bots, so we’ll be interested to get hands-on with this floor cleaning robot to see if eufy gets it right.

X9 adds self cleaning and drying

Not new technology by any means but the new eufy X9 Pro will also feature automated self-cleaning and mopping pad-drying abilities once the room cleanup is complete. This technology is used on bots like ECOVACS Deebot X1 Omni and Roborock S7 Max V Ultra.

The X9 keeps the existing laser navigation in the X8 and may have some improvements in obstacle avoidance, mapping, and navigation. The X8 uses what’s called AI.Map 2.0 while the X9 will have ‘AI.See’ which Eufy describes as a ‘smart perception system’.

Onboard sensors and a camera should recognize common household objects like cables, footwear, furniture and more. While the use of AI as a feature buzzword is clever marketing, it’s not clear yet what the practical applications of this tech will be. Again, we’ll be hoping to get hands-on with one of these bots for a review when the Eufy X9 Pro launches later this year, priced at $899. If this vac-mop performs well, it could be a real bargain, since other similar bots cost upwards of $1300. While we await the official availability, you can check out our list of the Best Robot Vacuums We’re Reviewed.