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Eufy’s New Garage Camera Can Control 2 Doors at Once

Garage door openers are not necessarily the easiest things to install, especially when you start adding smarts to them. The Eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus makes it a lot easier to take full control of up to two garage doors with a single device, allowing you to open and close them from anywhere.

The Garage-Control Cam Plus comes equipped with better AI, too, so you’ll get fewer false alerts. Improved resolution means you’ll be able to make out even small details (like did you leave your wallet in the center console of the car?).


What We Love About the Garage-Control Cam Plus

Like we said, garage door controllers can be tough to install, especially if you need an individual controller per door. The Eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus eases that burden by giving you control of two separate doors with one device. Not only does this save money in the long run, but it reduces the chances of something going wrong and simplifies troubleshooting if something does.

You can open the door from anywhere, too. If you have Alexa Auto in your car, you can ask Alexa to open the door as you drive up. If you’re at the office and are expecting a delivery, just open the garage door and ask the driver to place your package inside — then close the door as soon as they leave.

Combine that with 2K resolution that lets you pick out even the finest details and better on-device AI that can distinguish between humans, vehicles or a too-nosy raccoon, and you have a powerhouse device that’s set to give you better control of your garage.

All of these features are brought together through Eufy’s secure, local storage. There are no subscription fees, so when you buy the device, you get the device; no need to pay monthly to unlock the best parts of it.

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