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Eufy Launches a New, 4G-Enabled Security Camera That Works (Almost) Anywhere

Color night vision is a crucial element of home security. After all, what’s more helpful: telling the authorities that someone in a hoodie tried to break in or that someone in a red-and-green hoodie, blue jeans and white sneakers tried to break in? Obviously, the latter — and thanks to the new Eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera, you can see those small details.

The Eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera provides color night vision without a spotlight in even the darkest environments. Thanks to its 5-megapixel lens, the Starlight Camera provides 2K resolution at any time, day or night, and utilizes onboard Smart AI Detection to reduce false alarms by up to 95%.

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What We Love About the Starlight Camera

The best security camera is defined by its battery as much as its resolution, and the Eufy Starlight Camera has battery power in spades. While the built-in battery will last for three months on standby, you can power it continuously through the optional 2.6W solar panel. It only requires a few hours of sunlight each day to provide the Starlight Camera with all the charge it needs.

Thanks to built-in GPS tracking, you can easily find it if someone tries to steal the camera. A camouflage cover is being released shortly after the camera itself, making it easy to hide in shrubbery or trees.

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With an IP67 rating, inclement weather isn’t a problem. The Starlight Camera can withstand rain, dust, and temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the camera includes 8GB of onboard storage and an embedded SIM card. Even if you lose your connection to the camera, it can record a decent amount of footage. Once you reconnect, you’ll be able to see everything the Eufy Starlight Camera saw.


Eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera Pricing and Availability

The Starlight Camera will retail for $249 without the solar panel and $269 with the panel, and it’s expected to be available starting April 15. It’s an intriguing camera given that it can work just about anywhere, which also makes it an ideal security camera to bring along with you on vacations or weekend getaways.


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