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This Eufy Security Smart Lock Is A Whopping 52% Off Today, So Act Quick

This Eufy Security Smart Lock is a simple way to add more safety and convenience to any home or property, and it’s currently a massive 52% off, taking the price from $179.99 to $85.99. That’s an excellent saving on one of the best smart locks around, making today a wonderful day to grab it and upgrade the security at home.

This smart lock can be installed in ten minutes, even by those who aren’t normally comfortable taking home improvements into their own hands. That’s because it comfortably fits over most normal deadbolts on the inside of the door, making it incredibly easy to do. Not only that, but it’s IP65 waterproof too, which is great for those who live in wetter climates.

Once installed, this smart lock allows users to enter the home using a wireless keypad, a remote control, the user’s voice, or just the original keys. It also has an auto-lock and auto-unlock function to allow it to function without any input from the user, making it a great boon when laden down with shopping or carrying a heavy baby. The extra security also makes it a wonderful addition to any home that is already using one of the best home security cameras too.

$85.99 $179.99 52% off

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This smart lock is easy to install and adds a wealth of ways to unlock the door it is on, all of which not only add a bit of extra security, but also a lot more control and convenience for the user. It can be unlocked automatically using geofencing, or by using a voice command, or with the keypad. It’s also IP65 waterproof, making it a good fit even if the weather in the region is less than sunny most of the time.