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Eufy’s SmartDrop Package Delivery Box Is Finally Available After a 2-Year Wait

With the holiday season on the way (and with rumors swirling of a second Prime Day later this year), shoppers have to think about porch piracy. Few things attract a thief like a nice, big Amazon box sitting right on your front porch. Eufy recognized the need for a line of defense against package theft back in 2020, but the SmartDrop Package Delivery Box hasn’t been available to consumers — until now.

The Eufy Security SmartDrop Package Delivery Box is available for $400, but a limited-time deal can save you $100. It’s large enough to fit almost any package at 25 x 18.3 x 17.7 inches. And honestly, anything larger than that will need to be signed for, anyway.

It’s not just for Amazon, either. Anyone from UPS to FedEx can leave something in the package delivery box for safekeeping.


What We Love About the Eufy SmartDrop

The Eufy SmartDrop covers deliveries from all angles. It’s kind of like having a package bodyguard that lives on your porch. A built-in camera records the delivery (and can give you something funny to post to YouTube later), but it especially comes in hand when you’re supposed to get a package and it’s never delivered. It provides proof for the delivery company that no attempt was made.

The delivery driver can open the SmartDrop with a press of a button. A motion sensor and two-way audio system let you speak with the driver and provide them the PIN for opening the box.

The SmartDrop itself can be bolted to your porch. A pirate would have to literally rip away half your porch to take the entire box with them, which is far more effort than anyone will go to. As for weather, the SmartDrop is not only sealed against all the elements, but it can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

The SmartDrop is battery-powered, but the 10,000mAh battery means you can get a lot of use out of it before swapping out the battery. You can also just use a 12V DC power adapter (which, unfortunately, is not included with the purchase). Pairing the SmartDrop with Eufy HomeBase lets you store all recorded video locally.

Oh, and just in case you have a particularly mischievous child, there’s an emergency safety release inside the SmartDrop if they somehow get suck inside.

The SmartDrop is available for purchase for just $300, but this deal won’t last — soon, the price will jump back up to $400. The good news is that shipping is free for Amazon Prime members.

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