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The Eve Aqua Smart Watering System Will Stop You From Killing Any More Innocent Plants

If you don’t know how to take care of plants, the problem might be that you’re giving them too much water. Or maybe you’re not watering them enough? It can be tough to figure out how much to give and even harder to keep to a specific schedule. The third-generation Eve Aqua can help you stick to the right amount of water at the right time of day.

At-home gardening — whether indoors or in your yard — grew popular during the pandemic and introduced even more people to horticulture. Of course, that also means more people have discovered where they excel and what they lack when gardening. Whether you have a small patch in the backyard for herb gardening or a massive operation, the Eve Aqua can ensure your plants survive this heat wave.

Eve sent all the details of their latest release to us, so we had a chance to look at what’s offered. The latest version of the Eve Aqua is available for $150 through and Amazon.

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Why We’re Excited About the Eve Aqua

One of the primary selling points of the Eve Aqua is that it utilizes Apple’s HomeKit, the most underserved of the three major smart home platforms. You can control the platform through your iPhone, Siri or the on-device button. Curiously enough, it’s also compatible with Thread, making your smart home more responsive.

Thread is a low-latency wireless mesh networking protocol that’s common among smart home devices because of its power savings and wireless reach. The benefits of Thread are that gadgets don’t need a strong power source to transmit data.

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Courtesy of Eve

The Eve Aqua works with all major hose systems and offers seven different watering periods. It helps you convert even a standard outdoor faucet into a smart one, requiring only a 3/4-inch thread to connect. It boasts IPX4 water resistance, is UV-resistant and runs off a pair of AA batteries. Again, Thread’s ability to run off very little power makes it ideal for many smart home devices.

This makes for several practical applications for homeowners, such as setting schedules for your sprinkler to run at a particular time of day. Best of all, it can all be operated remotely for even more convenience.

Eve is also compatible with Matter, which gives it a level of future-proofing that ensures its continued operation for years to come. Matter is important because it’s an open source standard developed by some of the biggest players in the smart home space, like Apple, Amazon and Google, and will help bring down the barriers preventing one smart home platform from talking with another.


Pricing and Availability

Eve Aqua is available now through the Eve Store and Amazon for $150.

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