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These New Smart Strip Lights From GE CYNC Can Enhance Even The Most Mundane Activities

Smart lights add a lot of convenience to day-to-day life, but the place where they shine the most is ambiance. The new CYNC Dynamic Effects Line from GE Lighting capitalizes on that. The new lineup includes a number of different smart home products, including both indoor and outdoor light strips.

While CYNC smart lights aren’t budget options, they’re also not outrageously unaffordable either. The Indoor 16-foot strip is $90, while the Outdoor 16-foot strip is $180. Additional 8-foot extensions are $45 and $80, respectively. They make great multi-holiday lights; you aren’t just limited to Christmas time with these lights, something that seems to be an emerging trend (with the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights serving as another example).

Although these indoor and outdoor strips are the initial products in the lineup, the company promises that more products are on the way in spring 2023.

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What We Love About The GE Cync Dynamic Effect Strips

Smart lights are usually simple to install, but far too often their positioning is determined by length. You don’t want to have to roll up the extra length of light strip, after all. The Cync Dynamic Effect indoor light strips are available in both a 16-foot and 32-foot option, but can also be cut at certain points for far more precision in placement.

The outdoor light strips make no mention of whether they can be cut or not, but they do boast an IP65 rating. In simple terms, this means they can be left outside all year long without worrying that the elements will destroy the lights. They can withstand both wet and dry conditions — just don’t flood them.

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If those lengths are too short, the lights can be extended. The 16-foot strip can be extended up to 32 feet, while the 32-foot strip can be extended up to 64-feet. That’s more than enough length to cover most porches, or even the eves of your roof if you’re using these as decorative lights.

The Cync Dynamic Effects Strips can also be set up to deck out a game room or even brighten up a workout room. With millions of potential colors, your imagination is the limit.

Of course, they wouldn’t be smart lights if they didn’t pair with other systems. While Cync is its own ecosystem, these lights also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.


GE Cync Dynamic Effect Strips Pricing and Availability

The Cync Dynamic Effects Indoor and Outdoor light strips, as well as their extensions, are available now in-store at Best Buy and online. Other retailers will receive the lights early next year. Pricing is as follows:

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