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GE Cync’s Smart Light Portfolio Expands With Neon Shape Lights, Wafers, Hexagon Panels, And More

We’ve seen a lot of great things this year at CES, especially when it comes to smart home products. Out of all the new and innovative announcements, smart lights, in particular, seem to be a focal point for many companies as they unveil their product lineup for the new year.

GE has announced the expansion of its smart home ecosystem: Cync, and have given us the details on several new products they plan to release in 2023.

This year’s CES has been a hub for innovation so far, and GE has followed that trend. Take a look at everything we know about GE Sync and its compatible products:

Courtesy of GE

What’s New With GE Cync?

GE Cync is already a favorite of many when it comes to home automation, primarily due to the fact that it’s so user-friendly; this makes it especially popular amongst newcomers to the smart home market. With its lineup for the 2023 calendar year, GE is attempting to build upon its reputation with several new products that are innovative and just as easy to use.

Courtesy of GE

In 2023 GE plans to make some significant changes to its Cync Smart Home system, notably the addition of compatibility with Matter. Matter works to simplify everything in your smart home, whether it’s the setup/installation or day-to-day use. Additionally, GE intends to integrate its products with Schlage to enhance your home’s security.

In 2023, GE plans to expand upon the previously released Dynamic Effects line of smart lights and introduce us to the Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels, Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Neon Shape Lights, and Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Bulbs in Aline and indoor floodlights.

With a diverse portfolio, GE Cync appears to be poised to provide consumers with solutions that can cater a wide range of users.

What We Love About GE Cync Wafers

There are plenty of great smart lights out there, but we haven’t seen many like the new GE Wafers. GE designed them in response to the changing desires of consumers: smaller lights optimized for high ceiling placement. 

GE’s new smart lights connect through the Cync app and can be controlled via touch or voice. The Cync Wafers feature industry-leading brightness with adjustable whites and 16 million unique colors. They’re easy to install, with features like quick connectors, wire clamps, and a slim profile that helps you get it into hard-to-reach places.

Courtesy of GE

GE plans to release the Cync Wafers in Q3 2023, with details regarding price coming closer to the launch.