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Heads Up: GE Smart Lighting Products Are 68% Off Today — Get Smart Plugs & LED Lights for Under $10

Right now, Amazon is hosting a killer sale on GE CYNC smart lighting products, with savings as high as 71%. This sale includes some of the most popular GE CYNC products, including smart plugs, LED light strips, smart light switches, motion sensors and more.

Philips HUE may have popularized smart lighting products for the home, but their systems required a hub unit that complicated installation. However, GE CYNC products are designed to be used without a hub, and you can also use these products with existing smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. (In fact, GE CYNC is our preferred smart light for Google Home users.)

You can use GE CYNC smart lights, sensors and switches to create customized lighting inside and outside your home, and the CYNC app lets you easily create schedules or turn lights on/off using your phone.

This recent promo video from GE also shows some of the best applications for holiday lighting:

GE CYNC is a product line that includes a huge variety of smart lights, and we’ve consistently rated these products best in class when testing lights. However, GE CYNC products do sometimes carry a higher price tag, which is what makes this sale such a great opportunity to save. For a limited time, you can buy the GE CYNC Smart Plug for just $9.44 (compared to $24.99 for the popular Amazon smart plug). You can buy a 3-pack of A21 LED Light Bulbs for just $17, or $5.77 per bulb.

Seriously, if you need any type of smart lighting product for your home, then you don’t want to miss this sale.


$29.88 $44.99 34% off

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These color-changing light bulbs come in both Edison- and globe-style bulbs. With both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, they will easily sync up with your smart home.


$9.44 $14.99 37% off

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The popular Amazon smart plug (which we’ve recommended many times to SPY readers) is priced at $24.99. With the sale price of just $9.44, this is a fantastic chance to stock up on affordable smart plugs. For holiday lighting, the GE CYNC Outdoor Smart Plugs are also on sale.


$24.97 $59.99 58% off

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This full-color LED light strip has never been more affordable. It’s perfect for creating ambiance and mood lighting.

Only $10 Each

$10.37 $31.99 68% off

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As part of this sale, a number of GE CYNC smart switches and sensors are also on sale. Case in point: this 68% discount on smart dimmer switches, which are surprisingly easy to install.


$17.31 $32.97 47% off

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These lights have built-in sensors so that they turn off during the day. During this flash sale, they’re priced at just $5.77 each.

Previously, we’ve featured GE CYNC lighting products in numerous SPY reviews. When we recently tested the best smart Christmas lights, GE CYNC was one of our top recommendations. And when our tech editor reviewed and tested the best smart lights overall, GE CYNC was one of our most-recommended products.

To see all of the GE CYNC smart lighting products discounted right now — light bulbs, LED light strips, dimmer switches, indoor/outdoor smart plugs — head to Amazon to shop this sale.

Courtesy of GE