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Save Up To $40 On The Wired and Wireless Google Nest Doorbell

At SPY, we test a lot of products, which means we get a lot of packages. To keep an eye on those packages, we’re always also testing the best video doorbells and home security cameras. Right now, our top pick for best video doorbells, the second-generation Google Nest Doorbell, is on sale for $41 off for the wireless version and $30 off for the wired. That brings the $180 camera down to $138 and $150, respectively. Some wired colors are available for slightly less, but those are low in stock, while the “Ash” colorway of the wired version appears to be fully stocked as of this writing.

$138.77 $179.99 23% off

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The battery-powered version of the Nest doorbell allows you to mount to almost any door, making it a good option for homes not equipped with a traditional doorbell. It can also be used wired.

As for which to choose, it’s a matter of preference and what kind of door you have. The appeal of the battery-powered version is that installation is simpler and can be done on doors without traditional doorbells. The battery-powered version can also be wired, whereas the wired version can only be wired. Even if you prefer the always-on functionality of a wired doorbell, it might be worthwhile to opt for the wireless version and hardwire it since it’s less expensive at the moment.

However, according to the product description, a caveat is that “Whether you choose battery or wired installation, the battery-powered Nest Doorbell cannot continuously record 24/7 video history, even with a Nest Aware subscription.” The wired version, on the other hand, can record 24/7.

$149.99 $179.99 17% off

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The wired version of the doorbell requires installation. While the initial setup may be more involved, you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery later. Plus, the wired version can record 24/7.

Despite Amazon dominating the home security camera space with its brands Ring and Blink, Google Nest has taken the top spot in our rankings of both video doorbells and home security cameras. There’s a lot to love about Google’s Nest cameras. In our testing, we found the smart features like the ability to discern humans and animals to be impressively reliable. Nest can also notify you if a package is taken, and we were impressed with how quick and reliable Nest’s notifications were. Time is of the essence when it comes to your home’s security, and Nest delivers.

And if you’re as keen on deals and saving money as we are, Nest offers one feature we’re particularly fond of, which is the ability to use it without a subscription. Nest does offer a paid subscription called Nest Aware Plus, which can be handy for anyone who’s away from home for long stretches, but it’s not absolutely essential.

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Without the subscription, you’ll get access to 3 hours of free event video history, and you can see two-second previews or watch five-minute clips. This can all be accessed through the Google Home app, which is also used to control the brand’s smart speakers and streaming devices. That means you won’t need a separate app just for your video doorbell.

Of course, 3 hours isn’t a long time, and you might miss important footage while you’re asleep or away from your phone. That said, if you’re primarily using this camera to keep an eye on packages you’re expecting, you may not need to upgrade to the Nest Aware Plus subscription plan.

Another feature we’re fond of is local storage, which is accessible during an internet outage. Should your internet go out, video footage will continue to record, which you’ll be able to access when your WiFi returns.