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Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You — This is a Levitating Speaker

* Powerful speaker with “Mars-Gravity” levitation technology
* Designed with IPX7 water resistance
* 360° Sound Projection for seamless music experience

Ah, music — what would we do without its glorious rhythms and beats? Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, pop, country or classical, take your music experience to a whole other universe with the Mars by Crazybaby Levitating Speaker.

The Mars speaker offers users a unique futuristic audiovisual experience. Floating with grace and absolute precision, music is transformed into its purest form. The top of the base is both the wireless charging station and the liftoff platform where the elegant UFO shaped “Mars Craft” rises and falls with balanced harmony thanks to its “Mars-Gravity” levitation technology.

Its stunning design speaks volumes, but it also features a technologically-advanced charging system. When music is playing, the Mars Craft floats elegantly above the base and features a mesmerizing circular lighting system. If it detects that the battery is low, it will slowly land on the base and starts charging with its built-in wireless capabilities. Once fully charged, it will resume floating.

Accidents happen — whether it’s kids spilling juice or pets knocking refreshments over — and the Mars Craft is one step ahead of it all. It’s ultra durable and compact, but one of its note-worthy features is that it’s waterproof.

Designed with IPX7 water resistance, Mars is able to continue playing music even after 3 feet submergence with zero damage taken. This speaker also features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so you can connect with any Bluetooth device and control the speaker from up to 33 feet away (the compatible app is available for both iOS and Android).

A Hi-Fi sound system, deep subwoofer and 360° Sound Projection help both you and your guests enjoy the music from every angle.


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