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Lived-In Review: This Smart Air Freshener Will Transport Your Home to a Field of Flowers or Sandy Beach all at the Touch of a Button

* Fill your home or office with the fragrance of the beach, park or array of scents 
* Connect via bluetooth to manage and control scents from the Moodo app
* Small, easy to setup and easy to transport between rooms or offices

We all like our houses, offices, and rooms to smell good. There’s no better feeling than walking into your home after a long day at the office, and being greeted by a fresh and relaxing scent. If you are someone who enjoys candles, room sprays, and diffusers than the Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is something that will take your home fragrance game to the next level.

The Moodo Diffuser is a scent diffuser that comes with different scents in capsule form. You can choose the capsules you put in the diffuser to create your own scent. Each set comes with three scent packs titled Cozzzy, Fresh Vibrations, and Beach Party. Each scent pack comes with a total of four capsules.

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The Moodo Diffuser is easy to set up and put together for the most part. It comes in a medium size box with simple set up instructions that tell you how to insert the scent capsules, as well as directions on how to download the Moodo app. The most unique feature about this diffuser is that you can control the scents and scent strength via a bluetooth connected app that is connected to the diffuser. Once you download the app, connect your phone to the diffuser and from there you can control the scents you have inserted into the diffuser. You can have four scents in the diffuser at a time. From the Moodo app you can mix scents, adjust the scent strength and can set the diffuser to a timer.

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Overall the diffuser worked well out of the box. Once I plugged it in, selected my scents, inserted them into the diffuser, and turned it on, my office was filled with the aroma of a summer day. However, the product wasn’t perfect. Unfortunately, after downloading the Moodo app, and several failed attempts to connect my phone ( iPhone XR) to the diffuser via bluetooth, I wasn’t able to use the coolest part of the product. I couldn’t control the diffuser via my phone, but despite that fact, it still worked well as a regular diffuser.

I tried all three scent kits; Cozzzy, Fresh Vibrations, and Beach Party over the course of two weeks. My favorite scent kit was Cozzzy, but all three kept my office smelling nice.  I liked how the scent was strong and powerful, it filled up my entire office and left a strong, fresh lingering aroma after I took the diffuser to my house. When using the diffuser at my home, it quickly filled up the downstairs with the smell of  “Fresh Vibrations”- this scent kit reminded me of how fresh flowers smell, bright and delightful. The only thing I didn’t like about the diffuser was that it does make a noise. It sounds like a small fan when blowing out the scent, which made using the diffuser at the office a little annoying. Although I wasn’t able to control the scents from the app, I was still able to use two out of the four scents on the diffuser by selecting them on the control panel at the front of the diffuser.

I would recommend purchasing this diffuser solely based off its diffusing abilities, not off its “smart” features.