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Nanny Cams Aren’t Just For Watching The Babysitter Anymore — Here’s Why You Need One

When it comes to the safety of your children, you can never be too cautious. Putting babyproofing measures in place in your home, always keeping a watchful eye on your little one while they’re playing, staying up to date on life-saving skills like CPR, and researching the best child safety items like infant car seats can all help to give parents some peace of mind. One thing that some parents have begun using in their homes to ensure the safety of their child is the nanny cam.

Nanny cams are still often used as a way for parents to keep an eye on caregivers who are left alone in the home with their children. However, it’s important to note that every state has differing laws on what type of recording is considered legal and users must be aware of these laws and ensure that their cameras are never placed in a room that could lead to an invasion of privacy, like a live-in caregivers bedroom or bathroom. It’s also recommended that parents reveal their use of nanny cams with their caregivers.

That said, nanny cams aren’t just a way for parents to keep an eye on their child’s caregiver, but they also provide a home security system and in some cases, can act as a baby monitor. Many of the nanny cams we’ve included on our list provide two-way audio, which can be beneficial for users with pets who may want to offer some soothing words to a distressed dog that is home alone. Nanny cams also act as an easy way for users to discretely keep an eye on elderly relatives.

With livestream capabilities and motion detection sensors that alert users as soon as movement occurs, nanny cams also give users the ability to keep an eye on their home and their belongings when away for an extended period.

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For more on our top nanny cams, check out our comparison below.



1. YI Home Security Camera


With enhanced night vision, baby crying detection, and motion detection features, the YI Home Security Camera doubles as a nanny cam and baby monitor. The YI boasts full 1080p HD live feeds for up to four cameras, making this a great option for parents with multiple children or users who want cameras throughout the home.

The YI has a 112-degree angle lens and allows users to zoom up to four times magnification. The YI comes with loop-recording Cloud storage and space for a memory card up to 32 GB. The YI sends notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected and with advanced night vision and sound detection and two-way audio, the YI is a great option for a baby monitor. The YI offers a one-month free trial of Cloud storage, but users have to pay for storage after the trial ends.

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2. Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera


If you’re looking for a bridge between nanny cameras and baby monitors, we like the Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera. Users can livestream the 1080P videos, which can be tilted and panned all using the Amcrest app or when set to auto-track. Recordings can be captured and saved on a microSD card or to the Amcrest Smart Home Cloud (each camera comes with one year of free storage). Users can set different levels of noise detection for babies crying, dogs barking, or other sounds and the Amcrest will automatically begin tracking objects when noise or movement is detected. Alerts can be fully customized, and users can receive emails or push notifications when sound or movement is detected.

Multiple people can view the livestream at once and we also like that Amcrest works with Alexa. Powerful night vision can capture images up to 33 feet away and two-way audio makes it possible to speak to children, pets, childcare providers, or alert intruders that the authorities have been contacted.

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3. Blink Mini


For a nanny cam that allows users to speak to people on the other end of the camera, we like the Blink Mini. The versatile home security camera allows users to hear, see and speak to people in their home using the accompanying app. The indoor camera allows users to see a live 1080P HD stream of their home from anywhere.

Using the Blink Mini is simple thanks to the easy WiFi set up and the small camera is discrete and easy to hide if necessary. Users can customize detection zones to only receive alerts when movement is detected in specific areas. The Blink Mini can be paired with Amazon Alexa and cloud storage is available for an added fee, which allowers users to store recorded videos.

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4. Ring Indoor Cam


For a discrete security camera that comes with several useful features, there’s the Ring Indoor Camera. The small buy mighty camera is wired and uses WiFi to give viewers a livestream view of their home from anywhere in the world. Two-way talk makes it easy to hear what’s happening in your home and to respond to those inside. Advanced motion detection sends alerts to users, which can be customized. Set up is straightforward and the camera can be placed on a flat surface or wall-mounted. Users can check in on their home from just about any mobile or Echo device and the Ring also works with Amazon Alexa.

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5. Google Nest Cam Indoor


Connect your security camera to all your Google devices with the Nest indoor camera. The WiFi-enabled security camera provides a 24/7 high-quality livestream view of your home, even in the dark. Customers can zoom up to 8x with the Google Nest, which also provides an impressive 130-degree viewing angle. Customers will receive push notifications when motion is detected and the Nest provides a three-hour history snapshot for added convenience.

Users can save or share videos and the Nest offers a free 30-day storage plan, which customers can extend for a small monthly fee. Like the indoor Blink Mini and Ring, the Google Nest also must be plugged into an outlet to work, which requires users to find a spot near an outlet when setting up the camera. The Nest can either be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall using the mounting tools included.

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6. Gentlegoat Hidden Camera


The recently updated Gentlegoat Hidden Camera is a great option for users who want the smallest security camera possible. With a diameter of only 40 mm, the Gentlegoat is only slightly larger than a dime. Even with its small size, it can still capture 1080P videos and boasts a 90-degree angle lens. The Gengtlegoat can be powered using a USB data cable that allows for all-day charging and viewing and it has a lithium battery that allows for up to 60 minutes of continuous activity.

A 2.4GHZ WiFi connection means users can livestream their camera on up to four devices from anywhere using the accompanying app. Features like infrared night vision and a motion detection smart alarm that tells the camera to start recording when sound is detected and sends an alert to the user’s email are all bonuses that make this tiny camera a powerful security system.

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7. Blink Outdoor


If you have an outdoor space that your children frequent with their babysitter, or your elderly relatives like spending time getting fresh air in your backyard, a discrete outdoor camera that allows you to keep an eye on everyone’s activity can provide peace of mind. The Blink outdoor camera is a wireless, weather-resistant option that is easy to place just about anywhere and can withstand the elements.

The small but mighty camera sends alerts to users when motion is detected, and users can also specify certain high traffic areas. Two-way audio allows users to hear and speak to people on their property. The camera has an impressive two-year battery life before it needs new batteries and the Cloud storage for the Blink, which allows users to record and store footage, starts at only $3 per month.

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8. Asani Hidden Spy Camera USB Charger


For a nanny cam that won’t easily be detected, there’s the Asani Hidden Spy Camera USB Charger. Designed to look like a regular USB charger (it will also charge your small electronics —bonus!), the unit has a small camera hidden inside that records videos at full HD 1080P with a 120-degree wide-angle lens. WiFi isn’t required, which means the camera won’t show up on your Bluetooth network. Instead, users can insert a MicroSD card to save video footage. That camera will automatically begin filming when motion is detected and will overwrite the oldest file when there is no more memory.

The camera doesn’t allow for livestream viewing like other options on our list, but it is an excellent option for users who want to be able to check security footage if an incident occurs.

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