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First Look: New Yarbo 3-In-1 Yard Robot Promises To Save Your Garden From Leaves, Grass, And Snow

Nobody really likes doing yard work. It’s time-consuming, energy-draining, and kind of a pain, no matter what time of year it is. Well, Yarbo agree with you, and that’s why they’re bringing out the Yarbo 3-in-1 Yard Robot next year for $6,999, which is aiming to take away all of those issues and just do it all for you.

A lot of people already use one of the best roombas inside their home, but the outside is basically the Wild West for a lot of people. There are smart robots you can use outdoors, such as robot lawn mowers, but the Yarbo is the first modular take on them, and that could give it a big advantage.

Courtesy of Yarbo

$5,599 $6,999 20% off


Why We’re Excited About The Yarbo 3-In-1 Yard Robot

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about for the Yarbo 3-in-1 Yard Robot, but the most enthralling of all of them is its modular nature. You can choose to buy the snow blower, the lawn mower, or the leaf blower if you want to, but no matter which one you get, you can always opt to get other attachments later on.

This means you can upgrade the Yarbo for more purposes when you have the money or inclination. On top of that, it also has a few good features to help it stand out beyond just the modular design.

Along with real-time monitoring and an obstacle avoidance system, just to make sure it doesn’t hit anything it shouldn’t this is one of the few outdoor robots that doesn’t require perimeter cables, which makes it a bit easier to use for most people. It also has a smartphone app to help you control it, wireless charging, and auto-charging, so you never have to worry about it.

Yarbo 3-In-1 Yard Robot Pricing And Availability

If you’re ready to palm your chores off on the Yarbo 3-in-1 Yard Robot, then you can pre-order the bot now. It comes in a few different versions, and they all vary in cost, but the all-in-one will set you back $6,999, although it’s currently on sale for $5,599, and will also apparently be discounted a further 20% if you pay in full. However, while you can pre-order now, the device won’t be available until the latter months of next year.

While we love multi-functional gadgets such as this, it makes you wonder if there are compromises with its performance. Only time will tell.

Courtesy of Yarbo

$5,599 $6,999 20% off

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