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Light Up Your Home in Any Color With the NOOK Smart Light

Smart LED lights are quickly becoming the norm in hour homes, and for good reason. Not only are smart LED lights fun to play around with due to the thousands (sometimes millions) of color choices, but the majority of smart LED lights help users effortlessly time their lighting schedules, manage brightness at their own convenience and, most importantly, save on their electric bill.

There are lots of smart lights for sale right now, and we’re on a mission to test as many as we can. NOOK Casa sent SPY its smart light bulb, and we wanted to find out how well it brightens up the home. Overall, we were impressed with this smart light, which is currently on sale for 50% off its retail price.

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Courtesy of NOOK Casa


NOOK Casa Smart Light Bulb, Reviewed

In the home, lights serve one simple purpose — to light up your home’s interior (or in some cases, exterior) spaces. Surprisingly, most smart bulbs fail at this most basic task.

When it comes to color-changing lightbulbs, which are the majority of smart LED lights, we find that a lot of brands prioritize color range over brightness. Whilst varying colors are a large reason as to why lots of folks purchase smart LED lights, lighting up the room should still be considered the main point. Because why would you want to sit in a room with a dim, haunting purple hitting one wall when you don’t have to?

NOOK’s smart light has a super-bright bulb that enhances brightness throughout a space rather than keeping muddled to one corner. If for some reason you don’t want it as bright as it comes, you can also dim the light if need be to create the perfect atmosphere.

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With NOOK’s smart light, You can connect through Wi-Fi via your smartphone, Amazon device or Google device. Meaning, yeah, you don’t even need the brand-new Amazon Echo Show 15 or a smart home hub to get these puppies working, you can do it all directly from your iPhone through the provided app.

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Courtesy of NOOK Casa

Using these devices, you can choose from upwards of 16 million colors, which include plenty of warm lighting options for everyday use. In addition to this, you can set timers to turn lights on or off at specific moments throughout the day. For example, if you want the NOOK lights to wake you up in the morning for work, set your preferred wakeup time and your lights will go on as requested on days you ask them to. You can even voice ask your devices to turn a specific color on by saying something like, “Alexa, make my lights green.”

As you can imagine, setting up these lights is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. When you’re done, simply download the app to help connect them to your Amazon Echo or Google Home device using the directions provided. The hardware of these lightbulbs is as lightweight as you think it would be, with a construction similar to any other smart LED bulb you’ve ever seen.

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Courtesy of NOOK Casa

When purchasing the best lightbulbs in 2021, one of the most important things you might consider is how much you’re going to save on your electricity bill. According to NOOK, these smart lights can help users save up 80% on energy consumption without ever losing brightness. That’s true of most smart LED lights, but it’s a considerable pro to consider.

NOOK’s smart lights have been tested by a number of SPY editors, and they can be used to easily change the brightness, colors and schedules of the lighting throughout a home. Each is affordably priced and is even currently being offered at 50% off right now, which is yet another reason we’re geeking out over these smart bulbs.

Right now, you can order a 2-pack of NOOK Casa’s smart lights for only $22.99.


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