Take an Eco-Friendly Spin on Home Security With These Outdoor Solar Lights

best outdoor solar lights
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Outdoor solar lights absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, delivering an environmentally friendly way to illuminate the night. They require little to no wiring and can be mounted onto any desired wall area or applied to a stake and inserted into the ground.

Other options to consider when buying outdoor solar lighting is whether a motion sensor detector is needed. With a motion detector, these lights will automatically go on upon approach and turn off within 10 to 30 seconds . These outdoor lights are also weatherproof. They can withstand not-so-ideal weather conditions to ensure they work properly in every situation, all year round.

Ideal for backyards, decks, porches, patios, driveways or any outdoor location that requires light, installation of solar lights not only help the environment with their energy-saving power but could possibly eliminate any and all outdoor electricity fees.

1. URPOWER Solar Lights

The Solar Lights by URPOWER is a sensor light that works great for your garden, backyard, deck, porch or patio. Weatherproof and heatproof, this light can be installed easily and without damaging the environment. During the day the sun will charge up these lights and at night it will turn on when it detects motion, ensuring you’re always able to find your way.

Pros: These lights are super bright with eight LED’s and they provide up to 12 hours of lighting on a full charge.

Cons: These solar lights will charge on a cloudy day, but will not charge to their fullest.

Outdoor Solar Lights URPOWER Image Courtesy Amazon

2. LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights

LITOM Outdoor Solar Lights have a 270 degree, wide-angle illumination range which gives you a coverage area of almost three times as much as other solar lights. All weather ready, these lights will work properly whether there is rain, snow or heat and are ideal for use on the front door, backyard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway or porch.

Pros: This is a high-efficient solar panel equipped with lights that charge 25% faster than normal solar lights, keeping the battery in the best condition possible.

Cons: The motion sensors have a full intensity mode, allowing you to always leave them on, but it tends to drain the battery quickly.

Outdoor Solar Lights LITOM Image Courtesy Amazon

3. URPOWER Solar Lights

These in-ground Solar Lights by URPOWER are powered by the latest technology for high-tech landscaping. During the day, they retract and absorb solar energy and once dusk hits, they will pop up, light up and give you light where you need it. Perfect for a pathway, driveway, deck or dock, these lights are weather-resistant, work independently and illuminate via four LEDs.

Pros: These are fully adjustable, in-ground lights that are easy to install with no tools.

Cons: These do not have motion sensors.

Outdoor Solar Lights URPOWER Image Courtesy Amazon