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Phillips Hue And Samsung Collab Brings Synchronized Smart Lighting To Your Living Room

We’ve all had to spend more time at home over the last few years, and many have decided to make that permanent by transitioning to remote work full-time. Souping up your TV setup makes sense if you’re spending a good portion of your time inside, and Phillips Hue’s new products are perfect for just that!

All of their new products are exciting, but the star of the show is definitely their new app made in collaboration with Samsung for their Smart TVs

We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer, so here’s everything we know about these new products so far.

What We Love About The New Phillips Hue Sync TV App

Courtesy of Phillips Hue

The Sync TV app is one of the best things we’ve seen debut at CES 2023 this year. It covers just about everything if you have a Samsung TV. You can use the app to enhance gaming, movies, or TV shows with apps like Disney+ or Netflix. 

The Phillips Hue Sync TV app boasts seamless light synchronization, allowing you to enjoy the immersive experience without any lag or delay. Additionally, the app offers customization of things like intensity and brightness.

The Sync TV app is available now, but it’s a bit pricey, coming in at $129.99 in the Samsung TV App Store.

What We Love About The Phillips Hue PAR38 Bulbs

You might not realize it, but light bulbs are one of your home’s most heavily used items. They’re our work buddies, study companions, and the unsung heroes of our parties! So it’s only sensible to buy high-quality ones like the new Phillips Hue PAR38s.

Courtesy of Phillips Hue

The PAR38 lightbulbs are powerful floodlights specifically designed for outdoor use. The new bulbs from Phillips Hue offer white or color ambiance for whatever your needs might be.

The Phillips Hue PAR38 lightbulbs are available on March 14, 2o23. The expected price is $79.99 for a single pack or $149.99 for a 2-pack.

What We Love About The Phillips Hue Tap Dial Switch Mini Mount

We’ll be honest: light switches aren’t usually the most exciting products in the electronics industry, but this one from Phillips Hue is pretty unique, and we’re excited about its release.

Courtesy of Phillips Hue

The Mini Mount is smaller than your typical mount and completely wireless. It’s magnetic, so you can mount it on any metallic surface or on the wall like a standard light switch.

The Phillips Hue Tap Dial Switch Mini Mount will be released in March and cost you $49.99.