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The New Proscenic L40 Fingerprint Smart Lock Can Store 100 Fingerprints, And It’s $70 Off Today

A new keyless door lock has just hit Amazon from Proscenic, and it’s filled with useful features that are aimed at larger households, those with big families, or just anyone who ends up with a lot of guests. Of course, the 0features are great, but it’s also currently running with a $70 clip coupon, which means you can grab it for $89.99 instead of $169.99 which is 43% off.

We all know that the best smart locks are often the ones that not only keep your home safe, but also offer a lot of convenience. This smart lock has five different ways to open it, including a fingerprint reader which can store up to 100 different fingerprints, codes which can be changed as you want or made temporary to accommodate guests, and of course your key. It just means you’ll always have a way to make it easy to get in for yourself, and people you want to come over, but still make sure your home is safe for those you want to keep out.

We’ll have to do a bit of testing, but a good smart lock is always an important addition to the best DIY home security systems, and if this one holds up to our tests, it could definitely be one of the best out there. It’s also a very good price, which is always an important consideration whenever we’re looking at any product.

$89.99 $169.99 47% off

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This smart lock can be used on front doors to make sure you’ve got an extra layer of security at home. It can be unlocked with a fingerprint, a code, an IC card, a linked smartphone, or a key, and can be used remotely with a highly-secure app. You can also set temporary passwords, just in case someone is visiting for a weekend or something.