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Reolink’s New Security Camera Lets You See Two Feeds Simultaneously With Its Wide And Telephoto Lenses

In 2022, crime was one of the top concerns of many people in the United States, so it’s only logical to start the new year with a renewed sense of safety. Improving your home’s security can’t change the world around you, but it can deter crime and give you some essential peace of mind. 

This year at CES, we’ve seen some fantastic new home security products that are set to hit the market throughout 2023, including a few from security company Reolink.

We’ve featured Reolink in the past among our favorite indoor security cameras and our favorite no-WiFi security cameras, so we’re excited to see some new cameras that could join their ranks once we get a chance to test them out. Let’s take a look at all we know about them so far.

What We Love About the Reolink Argus Track

There are some fantastic security cameras out there, but many of them are just too big. You won’t have that problem with the new dual-lens Argus Track, which you could probably fit in the palm of your hand.

Courtesy of Reolink

The Argus Track is battery-powered; it features auto-zoom and auto-tracking, dual-band WiFi support spotlight full-color night vision, and dual view display through the Reolink app. It also features AI-powered detection that can sense people, vehicles, or pets.

What We Love About the Roelink Argus PT 4K

The Argus PT 4K represents a significant step taken by Reolink. They’ve made some fantastic 4K security cameras in the past, but the new Argus PT 4K is their first 4K camera that is entirely battery-powered. It might not sound significant, but battery-powered security cameras offer owners far more flexibility than their hardwired counterparts.

Courtesy of Reolink

The Argus PT 4K includes features such as spotlight color night vision, person/vehicle/pet detection, and 5/2.4 GHz dual-band WiFi support. Additionally, the security camera has a 4K 8MP Ultra UD display to help you see what’s going bump in the night more clearly.

What We Love About the RLC-81MA Security Camera

The new RLC-81MA from Reolink includes a truly unique feature: the ability to view two feeds simultaneously through its wide and telephoto lenses. If that’s not enough to sell you on this camera, take a look at its other features.

Courtesy of Reolink Courtesy of Reolink

The RLC-81MA includes a 4k 8MP Ultra HD display, power over ethernet, two-way audio, and spotlight color night vision. Also, like many other Reolink devices, the RLC-81MA features people/pet/vehicle detection using AI technology.

Pricing and Availability

CES has brought us a great deal of exciting news this year. We’ve seen countless new products that we can’t wait to try out from brands like TCL, LG, and more in a year that’s been chocked full of innovative new gadgets. 

As of this moment, we don’t have release dates or prices for these new Reolink products. We will continue to update you with new information as it comes to us, but for now, check out some of our other favorite outdoor security cameras you can get right now.