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Cyber Monday Deal Alert: Save $130 on Ring’s 14-Piece Home Security Alarm Kit

Building a comprehensive home security system can be a challenge; it’s easy to underestimate how much equipment you need for adequate coverage of all of your doors and windows, even in a small home or apartment. That’s why buying an all-in-one kit can be a worthwhile investment; these kits ensure you’ll have enough components to cover the different entry points in your home. Right now, you can buy Ring’s 14-piece kit for 39% off the list price $330, dropping the price down $130 to $200. This kit includes motion and contact sensors, and it’s a good option for a medium-sized family home with 2-4 bedrooms.

Editor’s Note: This product is currently back-ordered, but it’s still available for purchase at its Cyber Monday sale price. It’s also scheduled to ship in time for Christmas.

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About the Ring Alarm 14-piece Kit

Ring is best known for video doorbells and indoor/outdoor security cameras, but this particular kit is focused on alarm systems. There are no security cameras included in this kit, so you may want to add those on separately or use this kit in conjunction with an existing camera setup. The Ring Alarm 14-piece kit includes a base station, eight contact sensors, two motion sensors, two keypads and one range extender.

Before buying this kit, it’s worth running down what all of the components do to decide if it suits your needs. The contact sensors comprise most of the kit; there are eight of them. These sensors consist of two components that are placed on either side of an opening (such as the door and the doorframe or the window and the windowsill). The separation of these sensors, which occurs when a window or door opens, will alert you to the activity.

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Also included with the kit are two motion sensors. These can be placed on flat walls or in corners, making them good options for the area around the front and back doors. There are also two sleekly designed keypads. These can be used to control your sensors, and they have preset buttons for “Home,” “Away” and “Disarm,” plus emergency response buttons, such as fire and medical. All of these components of the Ring Alarm kit are controlled using the home base and the range extender.

The kit is worth $329, but you can buy it now for $200.


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