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First Look: The New Ring Intercom Shows Apartment-Dwellers the Love They Need

Anyone who lives in an apartment knows that smart home technology, or at least smart lock technology, isn’t catered toward them. Even video doorbells can be hit or miss depending on specific policies. Now, Ring has announced the Ring Intercom, a DIY addition for compatible audio intercom systems.

This device is catered to those that live in secure buildings, mostly in major cities like New York, Chicago, or Atlanta. If you have to buzz a guest in, the Ring Intercom lets you do just that, even if you aren’t at home.

The news comes from IFA, but Ring sent over the details for us to check out for ourselves. The Ring Intercom will be available for $119.99 to customers in the U.K. on September 28 but will be introduced for sale in the United States next year. 


Why We’re Excited About the Ring Intercom

The Ring Intercom makes it easy to grant access without saying a word. Like other Ring products, it works straight through the Ring app. With the tap of a button, you can let your dog walker into your building. Of course, Ring also keeps track of each time someone buzzes you, even if you don’t answer. That way, you can see if you missed any calls and if anyone with access to your account lets someone into the building.

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You can set up shared access for other people that live with you, too, and they can use the Ring Intercom just like you would. You can even enable settings for guests. The system will auto-verify, allowing someone to access your building with a virtual key. You won’t have to let them in; they can buzz themselves in with their phone, but you can revoke this access anytime.

One of the true standout features, especially if you’re a frequent online shopper, is the ability to auto-verify Amazon deliveries. This way, Amazon drivers that have been verified can let themselves into the building within a specified time frame to drop off a package, even if you aren’t at home. This means you’ll never again miss that package you’ve been waiting for.

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