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Reviewed: Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Shines The Light On Critters And People That Cross It

Soon after buying my first home, I had to quickly plan on how to safeguard it with security cameras. While outdoor security cameras have been around for a long time now, Ring’s latest option gained 3D Motion Detection technology. This was first introduced with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, something that I’ve been using for over three months, for pinpointing the exact location and path someone traveled around my front door.

With the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, it’s proven to be a reliable pair of eyes when I’m not there, including catching curious cats and foxes passing through the area. For something that was simple to install, I was actually most astounded by its battery life, which I might add was impressive given its bright spotlights.

Courtesy of Amazon


  • Spot-on detection and alerts
  • Crisp video performance
  • Accurate 3D Motion Detection tracing
  • Easy to install


  • Softer video when spotlight isn’t used at night
Dimensions3.1 x 3.2 x 5.7-inches
Field of View140° horizontal, 80° vertical
Resolution1080p HDR
Color Night VisionYes
LightsTwo 3000° Kelvin spotlights
Operating Conditions-5°F to 120°F
Wi-FiDual-Band, 5GHz
Included in the BoxSpotlight Cam Pro (Battery)
Camera Mount
Quick Release Battery Pack
Installation Hardware
Micro USB Charging Cable
Setup Guide
Security Sticker
Warranty and Safety Document

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Setup And Installation 

There’s a reason why I love installing battery powered outdoor security cameras: you don’t have to worry about power lines and making proper cutouts in walls. With the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, it took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish (assuming you charged the included battery ahead of time). After screwing the mounts onto my deck, I connected the camera and went through the Ring app to complete the installation.

One thing that stood out with the installation was the frequency of having to recharge the battery. So far, so good. I haven’t had the need to charge it yet, but at least it’s an easy process that doesn’t require me to remove the camera completely from the mount — just the battery and that’s all.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Video Performance

What can I say? The quality’s been superb throughout my experience. Even though the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro recorded in 1080p, it still captured excellent details that helped to discern the color of this one cat that frequently strolled through my deck.

When there’s sufficient lighting, fine details are recognizable, but the quality tends to soften under lower light situations — usually around dawn and dusk. When it’s nighttime, however, I really loved how the spotlight turned on to enhance the video quality by adding color courtesy of its color night vision.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Detection Performance

I have to admit, it’s been spot-on each and every time someone comes into frame — or whenever there’s motion detected. Smart Alerts helped to mitigate some of those annoying false alerts you’d get with other home security cameras because I had it set to only notify me when there was motion detected in a particular area, while ignoring the rest.

Even better, I really enjoyed how 3D Motion technology worked almost flawlessly with tracking the location of a person on my property. In the dead of the night, I’ve been woken up by Alexa on my Echo devices at home to let me know that motion was detected by the camera. I didn’t even know foxes frequented the beach, but I’ve caught them a handful of times scurrying through. And that’s on top of the bunch of stray cats I’ve captured on video as well.

At the end of the day, I really liked how quick it was able to notify me about these events.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery Life

Seventeen days after I first installed it, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro’s battery life was still reading at 53%. It’s been averaging about seven event triggers each day, which then transfers the recorded clips to my Ring Alarm Pro base station. With this combination, it effectively becomes a local storage security camera that lets me keep all the clips it records — rather than storing in the cloud.

Factoring in my current usage, I presume it would easily last a month before needing a recharge. It’s slightly less than other outdoor cameras I’ve tested, but you have to remember it’s shining not one, but two bright spotlights at night.

If battery is a concern, just know that it also comes in a wired version for constant power. For remote locations where you may not have access to a power source, you can always opt to get the Ring Solar Panel (2nd Generation) to charge its battery during the daytime.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro?

Few outdoor cameras can match the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro’s features, which is why it’s a solid contender in my book as one of the best outdoor security cameras you can buy right now. Beyond the simple functions, it distinguishes itself from rival models with its color night vision, HDR video, and 3D Motion Detection technology that traced the route where someone had been on my side yard and driveway.

Courtesy of Amazon