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We’re Obsessed: The Samsung Airdresser Might Just Be the Coolest Luxury Appliance in the World

Have you heard of the Samsung Aidresser yet? It only recently came across our radar here at SPY. Technically, this appliance was first released back in 2020 with limited availability, but we first heard about it during a virtual event with Samsung earlier this Fall. Ever since then, we’ve been low-key obsessed with this luxury Samsung appliance, which is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Why haven’t we written about it before? Well, it’s definitely a luxury appliance, and it’s not something the average guy is going to add to his closet.

But with Christmas right around the corner, we figure someone out there is looking for a big gift for the impossible-to-shop-for man in their life. What do you buy the impeccably well-dressed gentleman who prefers to pick out his own clothes, accessories and top-shelf whiskey? We recommend the Samsung Airdresser, which would be a godsend for any fashionista or clotheshorse in your life.

Okay, so what is it? The Samsung Airdresser is an at-home dry cleaning cabinet.

You simply load it up with your dry-clean-only suits, dress shirts and accessories, close the door, and the Airdresser goes to work sanitizing, deodorizing, de-wrinkling, and otherwise cleaning your garments. And, of course, this smart appliance is also Wi-Fi connected. For anyone with a walk-in closet, it’s the ultimate luxury flex.

Think about it this way: you could actually save money if you’re already dropping hundreds of dollars at the local dry cleaners every few months.

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Courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Airdresser: How It Works

While it might sound like a complicated piece of machinery (and it is), it’s actually pretty easy to use and install.

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Per Samsung, “Simply plug your AirDresser into a standard 120V outlet and you’re all set. No separate water line or professional installation necessary — the refillable water reservoir and filtered water are all you need.”

Meanwhile, the “built-in deodorizing filter eliminates 99% of common odors in fabrics like house pet smells, smoke, perspiration, unpleasant food, and other musty odors.”

So the next time you need to spruce up a suit ahead of a big fundraiser or wedding, the Airdresser has you covered.

You can even buy the Airdresser with a mirror finish, which means it will function as a full-length standing mirror.

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Courtesy of Samsung

If there’s a catch, it’s the cost. The regular Airdresser will set you back $1,350, although it is available via Amazon. The Airdresser With Mirror Finish and Airdresser Grand, which has a larger capacity, are closer to $1,500 and $1,700 respectively, though they’re currently on sale via Samsung.

Like we said, it’s not the kind of purchase you really need, but it’s exactly the kind of appliance you know you want. If you can afford it, that also makes it the perfect Christmas gift.

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Courtesy of Samsung

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